First afternoon apart

Today has been a first for Noah and I, it's our first afternoon apart. The longest I have ever spent away from him was when Nick and I went to see the Hobbit a few months back and we were both itching to get back to him half way through the film. 

My Mum comes to visit us on one of her days off work every week. She doesn't drive and lives a couple of towns away so when she does visit she has to take at least two different modes of transport to get to us. That's dedication. She does it every week, rain or shine. Then Nick and I take Noah round on her other day off, so she see's him twice a week. But each time she see's him he is with me and she hasn't had much quality time, just the two of them.  

She came today as usual and lightheartedly said to Noah "I'd love to take you back home for the afternoon, but your Mum won't let me." I looked at him sat on her lap smiling up at her and said "You can if you want." I didn't have to say it twice. The look on her face, I'd made her day. It wasn't planned and a spur of the moment thing and I am glad that we did it. 

Noah is currently suffering with stranger anxiety (which I will be blogging about soon) and my Mum is one of the only people he is fully okay with. He did used to cry with her too but she persisted with him, didn't let it put her off and now he is smitten with her. I wouldn't of let her take him for the afternoon if he wasn't. 

I got all his things ready and she didn't waste anytime, they were off. I did feel a little strange packing his nappy bag up knowing I wasn't going with him but it was only for a few hours. 

My Mum has been keeping me updated with everything they have been doing and has been sending me lots of photo's. She's taken him on the train, took him shopping, went on a walk and went to feed the ducks with him. The train and feeding the ducks are a first for Noah. Here are some of the photo's she has sent me-

I should of spent my free time relaxing but instead I spent the day cooking and bleaching the kitchen! He is currently with my Mum whilst I am writing this post but once I click post we are setting off to pick him up! I'm so excited to see him! 

How old was your little one when you first spent time apart? 


  1. Aww I hate leaving my little one, I feel like part of me is missing. We went through the 'stranger danger' faze too, and my mum was a victim haha. Thankfully she's grown out now :)

    Emily xx

  2. aweee he's gorgeous. Sounds like he has had a lovely day! and you a very productive one haha!

  3. Aww!! It's so hard leaving them for the first time....It does get easier!
    Lovely photos! Looks like he had a fab day :) x

  4. Oh gosh I remember my first time away from Hayden... The anxiety I felt being away from him was crazy... Not to mention I was engorged like a... I duno what lol
    You should have seriously just relaxed but hey ... there's always next time :)

    Lotte xo

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