Review: Cornish Daisy - Blanket and Bibs

As a new Mum I am always on the lookout for new brands. I heard all about Cornish Daisy through the grapevine or should I phrase that the blogvine? 

Cornish Daisy is a home grown business founded by Mum of four, Kate in 2010. Cornish Daisy was created shortly after baby number three was born. Kate had been hand making clothes for her newborn and after hearing numerous people asking where she had bought the clothes she begun making and selling to order, and so Cornish Daisy was born!

I was contacted asking if we would like to review some Cornish Daisy goodies and I was so excited for them to arrive. It felt like Christmas opening our package! Inside where two dribble bibs, a feeding bib and gorgeous fleece blanket. I am a rather picky person but all four items I instantly loved as they were all to my taste. 

Both Cornish Daisy dribble bibs are gorgeous. They are of course handmade and look very professionally finished. They are the best quality dribble bibs I have come across yet as the material is so thick, soft and absorbent. Not only are the practical and top quality but they look adorable on. Noah is teething at the minute and is very dribbly so he constantly has to wear a bib. The Cornish Daisy bibs are great for soaking up all the dribble but they also look super stylish too! I have to mention that they also wash well, I was worried they would come out stained or rough but that wasn't the case. They came out the washing machine as good as new. It's no wonder these dribble bibs are award winning. 

We also received the green polka dot Cornish Daisy feeding bib which came just at the right time as we have just begun our weaning journey, which can get extremely messy! The feeding bib is hand made out of laminated cotton and is pthalate free. What makes this bib extra special is that the pocket at the bottom simply pops open which makes cleaning the bib so much easier. It also folds up which makes it perfect for when you are on the go. A weaning must have for Noah and I.

Last but certainly not least is the Cornish Daisy fleece blanket. We were sent the Red Rockets on Navy Fleece blanket. We have a dozen blankets and none come close to matching the quality of this blanket. It is so lightweight, soft and cosy. You know when you touch something and it feels so soft you can hardly feel it, well that is the best way to describe it! It's the perfect blanket for the weather we are getting now as it's not too thick or thin. I also love the rocket print and the colour combination. 

I am so happy that I have discovered Cornish Daisy as not only do they hand made gorgeous products but they are excellent quality at a super affordable price! All items are hand made on an eco friendly farm in Cornwall by a lovely lady called Kate. A brand I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to everyone!  


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  2. What a very great information about the history of Cornish Daisy! It seems that the feeding bibs and fleece are so adorable. And it is really good to know that all items are handmade and eco friendly but I would like to ask something and I hope you don't mind, are you still using that kind of bibs when you train your toddler for proper eating? In that case, when your toddler starts eating you expect that she will be very messy.