Review: Ella's Kitchen Pouches & Digital Weaning Guide

If you read the blog regularly you will be aware than I have begun weaning Noah and he has taken to his first tastes like a duck to water. He simply can't get enough. I love to make homemade puree's for him but premade pouches are ideal for when we are out and about.

 One of my favourite brands when it comes to baby food has got to be Ella's Kitchen. First of all I absolutely adore the logo, branding and how they market their products. Not only do they appeal to our young ones but also appeal to us as parents. Even more so all Ella's Kitchen food products are tasty, natural and 100% organic too. They contain nothing artificial and no bulking agents. 

Ella's Kitchen kindly sent us a few pouches for Noah to try out; Carrots Carrots Carrots, Prunes Prunes Prunes, Peaches Peaches Peaches and Parsnips Parsnips Parsnips along with a Teeny Weeny weaning spoon especially for Noah to use on his weaning journey. 

Carrots Carrots Carrots-  82% carrots, 18% water. 100% organic carrots, cooked in water. Noah enjoyed his Ella's Kitchen carrots. I tasted it myself and found it a little bland perhaps the water dilutes the taste. It might sound weird that I taste what I am going to feed Noah but I wouldn't feed him anything that tasted strange or foul.   

Prunes Prunes Prunes- 100% organic prunes, nothing else. It took a few mouthfuls for him to make his mind up about the prunes but he ended up loving it. I thought it was great too! I liked how it was just 100% prunes and nothing else added.

Peaches Peaches Peaches- 100% organic peaches. Peaches Peaches Peaches was Noah's favourite and it tasted and smelt amazing. I know that first hand cause I tried it too! 

Parsnips Parsnips Parsnips- 75% parsnips, 25% water. 100% orangic parsnips. Noah was a bit more fussy when it came to this one but after a few mouthfuls he got used to the distinctive taste that parsnips have. I also tasted this one too and it was good, I was really impressed. I could of eaten it myself. 

When looking at all the products on the baby food eilse in our local supermarkets the first thing I notice is the lack of savoury flavours when it comes to first taste pouches, jars or tins. Ella's Kitchen receive kudos from me as they are one of the only brands that offer just as many savoury tastes as sweet.   

Ella's Kitchen have created an innovative digital weaning guide which is a god send to new parents. As I have just begun weaning Noah I couldn't wait to give it a go. The weaning guide is a handy helper that has been created to take the stress out of weaning and put the fun back into mealtimes. It can be accessed on your PC, laptop, tablet of smart phone which is brilliant and very convenient. The guide helps you with; how to's, do's and don't, top tips and food fun. If you have already started your weaning journey it isn't too late as the digital weaning guide has three stages so you could go straight to stage two if need be. 

I found Ella's Kitchen Weaning Guide to not only be very informative but interesting and entertaining too. All you need to do to get your own free digital weaning guide is pop over to the website, sign up and become a friend, easy!

I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Ella's Kitchen was a firm favourite in our house for taking out and about when the kids were weaning. Glad your little man is having such fun discovering food :) x