Review: Personalised Phone Case from Wrappz

I've always loved personalised goodies but even more so now that I am a Mummy. Anything with a picture of my son or his name on it whether it be a fridge magnet or a mug is a winner with me. So anyone stuck buying me a birthday present this year! Hint hint! 

When I was approached by Wrappz to review a personalised phone cover of my choice I was very happy to oblidge. I was contacted just at the right time too as I was thinking of buying one but didn't know which site to use. 

Thankfully I used Wrappz. All you need to do to create your very own design is firstly chose a skin or case, you pick your phone model or device, decide which photo you want to use and simply apply it. You can finish the look off by adding specific text or by editing the effect on the picture. The only issue I had throughout the entire process was which photo I should use! The website was so easy, straight forward and stress free to use. If I can do it, then you can too.

My phone case arrived very quickly and I couldn't wait to see the finished result. On opening I was very happy, the case is excellent quality and the attention to detail is fab! I've had so many compliments and everyone has been asking where I bought it from.  

The case feels great when held which is good because I have noticed some phone cases just don't sit right in your hand by feeling too bulky. It's not made out of the sturdiest of plastics but I think it's more of a decorative phone case rather than a protective one.

What I feel would improve the cases is if they sold them with a front edging which gives your mobile phone a little bit more security. I tend to always buy the phone cases with this feature and when I have dropped my phone it has been fully protected by it. I think that if they just included that little bit of extra protection on the front of your case then it would be perfect! That is my one niggle.  

The case costs £18.97 which I think is an okay price to pay for the image quality of the case. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wrappz to anyone who is looking to buy a personalised phone or ipad case

If you would like your own FREE phone skin then select your design and enter code freeskin at the checkout. All you would need to do is pay the postage!


  1. Ive just ordered mine, your code gave me £7.99 off the case which will be here in a couple of days x thank you x

  2. How lovely and such a brilliant idea!

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