Cravings and nausea and heartburn, oh my!

It's no secret that I loved pregnancy. I was one of those annoying pregnant woman that thrived through it and seemed to bloom. From the very beginning I embraced it and until I gave birth to my son it was the happiest time of my life. The knowledge that my partner and I had created a life together was incredible. Then going on to carry and nurture that precious life inside of me for nine months is simply indescribable, there are no words!

Although I was lucky enough not to experience morning sickness I often felt extremely nauseous. In my first trimester there were only certain foods that I could eat. The thought, look and smell of most foods turned my stomach.

Thankfully once in second trimester the nausea stage came to an end and all I wanted to do was eat, eat and eat. It was like my body was making up for lost time! Nevermind "eating for two" I was eating for five thousand! When my appetite returned I then started to get those illusive cravings. You name it, I craved it. My main cravings where; milk, crisps, crunchy nut cornflakes, orange juice and chips and gravy!

It's no wonder that with all the eating and all the cravings that heartburn raised it's ugly head. Not only are certain foods a trigger for heartburn but when you are pregnant you are prone to experience it more. There are numerous causes for heartburn during pregnancy such as hormonal changes in first trimester and the womb pressing on the stomach in second and third trimester.

Heartburn and indigestion symptoms- 


  • The symptoms of heartburn (acid reflux) are generally described as a kind of tightening or burning sensation in the back of the throat and chest area
  • Some people also experience a bitter or acidic taste in the back of the throat


  • With indigestion, pain may be felt in the chest or top of the stomach
  • However many people complain of feeling 'bloated' or uncomfortably full and gaseous - needing to burp, belch or pass wind a lot
  • There may also be nausea or vomiting and a loss of appetite.

I suffered with heartburn throughout my pregnancy. I would wake up with it and would go to bed with it too. This was before I was prescribed Gaviscon (which is safe to take while pregnant) and it helped tenfold. I found taking it in the morning and after I ate relieved my symptoms so much and made me a happy Mummy to be. You have so many things on your mind, so many things to do and very little energy when expecting, heartburn is something you don't want to be dealing with and you don't need to. Don't believe the myths that you are carrying a hairy baby, go get help - Gaviscon works wonders! 


  1. I suffered terrible sickness and heartburn with all 3 of my children, so awful!

  2. Minor ailments of pregnancy. Though they may be minor, I suppose the fact that they tend to persist sees us seeking something to ease these discomforts. As you wisely advise, it is worth discussing these symptoms with GP ( General Practitioner) if you are hoping to ease them.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Makes me wonder if people enter pregnancy taking into account the likely changes and discomforts they may encounter throughout their pregnancy. As seems the majority of women work, and do they have ease of access to refreshments etc. As eating a small amount regularly can be a way of easing "morning sickness" , nausea.

    Rachel Craig

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