Noah' first illness

The day Noah turned 7 months old he woke up unwell and really out for sorts. It started out as a sniffle and a sneeze here and there but the symptoms kept coming and coming. With the sneeze came a cough and then his chest began sounding very bubbly so out came every parents go to - the calpol! 

As each day went by this cough and cold seemed to be getting worse and my little man tried to deal with it the best he could. It was sad to see him subdued and not his usually cheeky self. The calpol helped a little but Mummy's TLC helped a lot more. 

About a week in we thought things were getting better but Noah started to having big coughing episodes in the middle of the night. It would wake him and he would end up getting really upset. I had the bright idea of giving him some milk as I thought it would help if he had a dry or sore throat from all the coughing but all it did was make him projectile vomit all over himself and the bed. So I had to strip the bed and change him at about 3am in the morning. He would cough that much and for so long he would end up totally waking himself up and it would take me a good hour to settle him again. This sequence happened about three times in the fortnight he was ill. Not only that but then he developed conjunctivitis too! 

His chest wasn't getting any better and he began coughing up phlegm so I decided it was time to take him to see his GP. Thankfully we got an appointment straight away which made me feel better for not booking him in sooner. The Doctor had a listen in on his chest and back. Looked in his ears, eyes and throat. Noah didn't have a temperature, was still eating and drinking well (despite his sore throat making him gag on most lumpy foods) and was having lots of wet and dirty nappies so he said that was good! He said he had a chest infection and to take antibiotics for the week and gave us some drops for his eyes. 

I think we did really well to get to 7 months without having so much as a cold but when he did get ill he really got ill. Not one symptom but them all, all at once. He seems to be better now and we know why that is - he's given his cough to Mummy and Daddy! 


  1. Oh bless him. It's so hard as a parent to watch our babies get unwell like that. I'm glad to hear that he's feeling better now though :) xx

  2. Aww! Bless him! It is horrible when our children are ill.....
    Hope you all feel better soon x

  3. awww poor thing. It's awful when they're unwell xx

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