Babies and their milestones

As a Mum you are always worried about something or other when it comes to your baby. Noah is almost 9 months old now and is not really showing an interest in crawling. He will hold himself in the crawl position and sometimes rock but that is as far as we are. I see babies younger than him crawling and some even cruising and in the back of my mind I can't help but think shouldn't he be doing this by now? That being said I know babies do things in their own time and there isn't a "right time" for them to achieve their milestones. He is happy enough to sit their playing and I don't have to worry chase him about just yet!

While he is a little slower when it comes to mobility he sure makes up for it mentally, he is so quick! He seems to be learning something new everyday and he can now; clap, wave, dance, kiss and cuddle. Which he will do if you show him or even ask him to. He can say mama, mam, dada, dad and hiya. He knows what the words; juice, milk, bottle, mama, dada, dodo, light, trees, sky, dog mean and will look directly at them if you ask where they are. He's a clever cookie. 

I've read that babies tend to focus on one area to learn first before they move onto the other and that is the case with Noah. I think we will be a while until we are crawling but I think when he does learn then that will be it and cruising won't be soon after!

At what age did your baby sit, crawl, cruise and walk? At what age did they say their first word? 


  1. Lovely picture. He is growing so quickly. My first child started walking at around 11 months and said her first words around 10 months. My second started walking at around 14 months and said a few words at around 18 months, My baby is 21 months. She didn't start walking until 16 months and only says a few words now. Noah is doing really well.

  2. It definitely varies from baby to baby and I don't think there is a 'typical' age. I know so many babies that walked before 1 and my two were 14 and 18 months! x

  3. Clever boy! They definitely all do things when they're ready my lo crawled from 7.5 months and was cruising by 8.5 months but couldn't say many words at all

  4. Your so right, all babies are different and also it's so surprising how quickly things can change. He might just start crawling all of a sudden. Digs (10 months) has been commando crawling for a while but has only just started getting into a 'proper' crawling position and doing a few moves that way. He still hasn't said Mama either but will say Dadda all day long! I love seeing where his interests lie - I didn't think he was going to be very mobile, choosing talking instead, but now he's off and loves exploring xx

  5. Everyone develops differently. There's a little boy at church who was so desperate to keep up with his older siblings that he started walking and just skipped crawling and two weeks before his second birthday he told me how long it was to his birthday and how old he would be.

    My little one is 4.5 weeks old and already seems like he's developing quick but he'll do it all in his own time. If it does turn out that he's miles behind his "peers" then we'll look into that when it happens. If your little Noah is happy and healthy then that's the main thing right?