The Ordinary Moments - Musical afternoons

As my maternity leave draws to an end I find myself really savoring every moment I share with Noah during the day. I will be sat with him and suddenly remember that I will be leaving him to go back to work soon and I feel nauseous. I feel like I am appreciating these lazy days with him so much more at the moment and I am really trying to remember every little detail. Usual ordinary moments in our daily routine's are now transformed into extraordinary moments because every moment with my son is anything but ordinary.

At the moment Noah absolutely adore's music and musical instruments. Noah's Daddy is always playing the guitar to him and Noah will get all excited, bob up and down dancing and clap his hands. We bought him some little toy instruments this week and it's so adorable watching him sit and discover how to make noises with the instruments. His favourite other than the guitar has got to be his little tambourine. My little music man.


  1. What a cutie!!

  2. His happy smiley face is just a picture, so so cute! I can't believe you're going back to work soon, it only feels like your maternity leave started two minutes ago! x

  3. Great pictures - i felt the same towards the end of my maternity leave!