What Noah Eats

Noah loves food, there's no doubt about it. At just 10 months old he is already becoming a little foodie in his own right and will eat just about anything and everything. We are yet to find a food that he doesn't like and one afternoon when he sat there happily sucking on a lime we even wondered if he had any taste buds! He really enjoys trying new foods, flavours and textures. Considering he is yet to cut his first tooth you would be amazed at what his gums can manage to devour.

Our family has our fair share of fussy eaters and I knew long before I ever became pregnant that I really did not want a picky eater. From the very start of our weaning journey I have always been conscious of what I feed Noah. I have always tried to offer him a lot of variety and introduced new foods often. 

The majority of his meals he now feeds himself and he thoroughly enjoys to do so. I am certainly no expert but I try to balance his meals the best that I can which is usually easy to do because he is a good eater. He loves his fruit and veg and his favourites are; strawberries, blueberries, grapes, peas, carrots and tomatoes. All the healthy eating aside I don't deprive him of any treats and he does have the occasional jaffa cake, biscuit or chocolate button! 

I am hoping that these healthy and positive food habits stick with him as he grows up. I know most children go through a fussy stage but here's hoping Noah doesn't because he's made a brilliant start!  

What are your babies favourite foods? How did you find your weaning journey?


  1. Aww looks like he's doing brilliant with his eating. Ethan keeps going through fussy stages, then back out then back in.. it's all part of growing up I think. x

  2. I love his little meals and totally envy that pink wafer biscuit on his lunch! He's done so well with his eating x

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