Baby Diary: 11 Months Old

Another month, another baby diary. You are now 11 months old baby boy! And wow, just wow. You have come on leaps and bounds his month. Physically and mentally you have developed so much and your personality just keeps on growing too. I feel like we are closer than ever and I think this is my favourite age yet. 

You are so funny and cheeky. You love to giggle and make others laugh by performing and if people applaud you well it just makes your day! You are so so smart too. You learn and pick up new things so easily and really don't miss a trick. You have been able to kiss and cuddle for a while now but this month you kiss and cuddle all the time and it's heaven seeing how affectionate you are becoming. On the flip side you can have such a temper at times and can have little crying episodes when you don't get what you want. You certainly know your own mind and I know which parent you get that trait from.... Ahem.  

I guesstimate you are around 23lb now. I can tell you have put some weight on this month because you feel so much more solid. You hardly have an oz of fat on you but are like a sack of spuds! In the nicest of ways of course! You are still in size 4 nappies. You wear 9-12m trousers, vests and babygrows and you are just moving up into that size in tshirts too. Most 6-9m jackets still fit as all the ones I bought seemed to be bigger fitting. 

You have had the occasional cold and constipation just like last month. Your wheeze had come back too so we took you to our GP who prescribed another inhaler after I said it helped last time. I would like to take you to see someone else though for a second opinion as this wheeze does seem to come and go a lot. With asthma running in the family I think I need to have it looked at further. You have been teething more but we are still waiting for teeth. We are hoping you cut your first tooth before your first birthday! 

You have still been having 3x 5oz bottles of formula a day and around 8oz of water. You love your food and have 3 generous meals a day. This month you have really enjoyed oranges and you absolutely adore sandwiches! You mainly eat what Mummy and Daddy have now and you really enjoy sitting down for meals with us. You always share your food too which is really cute! 

We introduced your first bottle of cows milk today. You drank 1 oz and then refused the rest. I don't know if you didn't like it, need to get used to the change or if you were full up from your late dinner. Only time will tell and we will see how we get on in the morning. 

Since we've moved into our new house your sleep has changed dramatically! The first night we had you in our room and you were fine. The next day I decided to see how you slept in your cot in your own room at nap time. Nap time was great and you slept fine. You napped so well in the cot during the day I decided to see how you managed at night time too. Night time came and you pretty much slept through! 2 weeks on and you usually sleep 8-8 which is fantastic. If you do wake up it's because you have banged your head on the cot or have a limb stuck through the bars but you usually settle again. 

When it comes to naps you are a changed baby. I simply place you in your cot, walk out the room, you roll onto your side and go to sleep!!!!!!! Let me explain those exclamation marks.... You have always needed to be cuddled to sleep and couldn't self settle. This isn't thanks to anything I've done, you did it yourself!

As much as I miss co sleeping and having naps together I am so proud of how great you now are with both sleeping and napping and how much you love your own room. 

It just goes to show you cannot spoil a baby. Let them sleep in your bed. Cuddle, sing and rock them to sleep! They are only babies for a short while! Let babies be babies and they will do it when they are ready!


- Speech. You are very very vocal. You could already say Hiya, Mama, Dada, Nana but your new favourite word is Dad and you say it all the time! Dad, Dadad, Dada. We do get the occasional Mam too. 

- Knowledge. You know certain requests such as; take out, wave, up, ta, off. You also grab your hairbrush and try to brush your hair and will attempt to put a sock onto your foot. Clever boy! 

- Responding. Last month you learnt to give me something when I said "ta" or dance when I said "dance. This month you wave when I say wave or waving. So cute. 

- Crawling. We are FINALLY crawling! Well sort of as I wouldn't call it a crawl. It's more like a backwards bum shuffle. Not the typical crawl but it certainly gets you from A to B. 

- Pulling up. You now kneel and try to pull yourself up onto everything. If someone is sat on the floor you will shuffle over to them and literally clamber up them like a climbing frame. 

- You can now sit up from laying down on the floor. You roll from back to front, get up into the crawl position and then sit up. You shocked me today by doing it so easily!

- Standing. You are so good at standing now and can stand a few seconds unaided. When you are standing against something you will often let go to test your own balance. You are trying to cruise with furniture and I think it will be a matter of weeks before you are. It's so exciting because it's almost like you have learnt everything all at once. 

Things you like

- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Move over Doc Mcstuffins, move over Spongebob Squarepants there's a new favourite in town. You are absolutely obsessed with the hotdog song and you smile so much when it comes on. The smile is usually followed by some giggles and lots of dancing! 

- Standing up. You love for me to hold your hands while you are standing. You try to take steps but most of the time you dance! 

- The cats! Since we've moved into the house you have seen the cats everyday and you love them. Considering you are so young you are ever so gentle with them and they are really good with you too. It's like they know you are a baby and are patient with you. It's lovely to watch you interact and enjoy them like we do. I can't tell you how important I think it is for babies to learn how to love and respect animals.

- Cuddles and kisses. You are always kisses and cuddling us now and you love it but not as much as we do! There is nothing like a cuddle and a kiss of your baby. 

- Your own room. I can't believe how well and how quickly you have taken to being in your own room. It feels good knowing that all our hard work has paid off.

- Diet coke cans. Yes you are still obsessed with them. You will point none stop at them and end up throwing a mini tantrum if we don't let you hold the empty can. We've resorted to drinking it in mugs to try to trick you. You still want the mug but you aren't as fixated as with the cans. 

- Remote controls. You play with them all the time and even point them in the direction of the TV. We have caught you many times almost buying a movie off the Sky store!

- Wires. Another obsession that I would prefer you not to have! I have to try to hide every wire but that's impossible with an eagle eyed baby!

- Gadgets. You are a real bloke. Laptops, iPads, iPhones. You see one you want one! You even know to turn them all on and off with the button! Move over Steve Jobs! 

- The changing bag. Possibly your favourite thing to do is to pull everything out of the changing bag and play with spoons, wipes and your inhaler. 

- Fruit. I think you could live off it if we let you!

Things you don't like

Being told no! Go's without saying really! 

Nappy change. You used to be dine but more often than not you will now cry/tantrum when we change you. That's if we don't give you a toy to play with. 

The car. I thought all babies loved the car but not you. You get bored of being in there for too long and often cry and become restless. 

Here are some more pictures from the month cause I literally struggled to choose which to upload this month! Baby spam alert! 

Just think the next time I am writing you monthly update you will be 1 year old. I literally cannot believe it. Where have all these months gone?


  1. I love a bit of baby spam haha, they're such gorgeous pictures too! Well done Noah for sleeping so well in his own room! Indiana went into hers at 3 months and I truly think it's the reason she sleeps so we xx

  2. I can't quite believe that he is almost a year old. That has been an incredibly fast 11 months for me so no idea how quick they must have gone for you! x