My Mummy Confessions

Whilst Noah napped earlier on today I started thinking about my "Mummy confessions" and thought it would be nice to blog about it. Being a first time Mum with no much experience with babies I had everything to learn once I gave birth to Noah. There have been many things that I did that could of been seen as wrong, choice's I've made that could of been better but that is the world of parenting for you.

I didn't have a clue - Before having Noah my experience with babies was minimal. Of course when I found out I was pregnant I read the books, I googled everything and I asked for tips and advice from everyone. I could of researched until the cows came home but nothing really prepared me for my newborn. 

Once he arrived I felt totally overwhelmed and out of my depth. I questioned and second guessed everything I did and handled him like a porcelain doll. I felt I had a natural maternal instinct but I would often doubt myself and I shouldn't of. I felt like I had to do what you are supposed to do and not what I felt was right. 

I changed his nappy every time he had a wee - Yes when Noah was a newborn I changed his nappy every single time he had a wee! We had bought the newborn Huggies nappies which change colour when your baby wee's. So every time that strip went slightly yellow it was all "OMG he's had a wee, change his nappy, quick!" Looking back now this is hilarious and I can't help but smirk. 

I couldn't sleep unless he was on me - We had issue's trying to settle Noah in his moses basket at first. When we finally cracked it (with the tilted mattress and loop blanket trick) I couldn't handle it. I would lay awake all night watching him sleep in his moses basket making sure he was breathing and often brought him back into bed with me. Needy baby? Nope, needy Mummy! 

We were terrified of bathing him - We have always bathed Noah every other night and in those early days bath time would frightened the life out of us. It felt like a huge mission to get the bath ready, the baby undressed, the baby washed, the baby dried, the baby dressed all while he was screaming the house down! I think he picked up on us panicking too and it made things so much harder work. 

Co sleeping was more for me - Noah and I have co slept on and off since he was a newborn but for the past 4 months we have exclusively co slept. When we moved in to the inlaws house while our house was being renovated it really set Noah's sleep off kilter as he point blank refused to sleep in the travel cot. Not that I needed one but I did enjoy having that excuse when people often shared their two cents on the whole co sleeping situation.

"He will never sleep in his own bed you know.." 

"He will be sleeping in your bed when he's 16.." 

Oh how wrong you all where! To all those that worried so much about me snuggling up to my son at night. The parenting police, the mothers of the year and random facebook acquaintance's, don't worry I haven't spoilt my baby! Much to your relief he now sleeps through the night in his own cot, in his own room. Although some nights I do will him to wake up so I can go in and bring him into bed with me! Needy Mummy strikes again! 

Oh I could probably go on and on as parents we have so many confessions! Do you have any that you would like to share with me?!


  1. I was terrible with nappies as well. Never knew when to change it haha xx

  2. When Ruby was a baby (now 7) I wouldn't let anyone else clean her bottles as I wouldn't trust they would 'clean them like I do'. Makes me laugh now how incredibly worried I was over sterilising and even when I was exhausted and my husband would say 'Dont worry, I will do the bottles tonight' I would stand there with match sticks in my eyes, scrubbing, rinsing and loading them into the steriliser! lol xx

  3. I can relate to all of these and also laugh remembering how often we changed nappies! x

  4. I had to have both my boys in my bed and it was because I felt like they were safer with me then in a cot. But that did turn round to bite me on the bum as Alfie took ages to get to sleep in his own bed, he was 3! So Ive learnt my lesson and Archie is now in a cot. x