National Cat Day - A babies best friend

Give your cat a cuddle because today is National cat day! 

This time last year I blogged about my two cats and how important I think it is to show and teach children how to respect and love animals from a young age. I was pregnant with Noah at the time I wrote that post and couldn't wait to start putting my sentiments into practice. 

I hoped that Noah would develop a great friendship with the cats and that they would accept him into our family. Fast forward a year and I couldn't of pictured it any better.

Noah and Teddy are becoming the best of friends. 

Ted is usually a very timid and cautious cat and although he completely trusts Nick and I he is still jumpy if you move too quickly or are too loud. With this in mind we thought a baby would terrify him but thankfully we were wrong.

Teddy is really interested in what Noah does and will walk up to him to see what he's doing. He seems to want to be near him and often sits beside him. He has even been spotted guarding Noah's bedroom door at night which we find very endearing. Ted is very patient and trusting with Noah and seems to understand that he is a baby.

Noah is as interested in Ted as Ted is in him. With Noah being so young you would expect him to be really rough and heavy handed with the cats but incredibly he's not. He's ever so gentle with them and pets them just as we do as adults. When he strokes them I tell him "be nice" "ahhh nice" and he giggles and smiles. He's never grabbed the cats or pulled their tails but he has attempted to crawl over them once or twice! 

It makes my heart melt seeing both baby and cat interact in such a loving way. I can't wait to watch their bond blossom and to see them grow up together. 

Do you have pets? How do your children behave with them? 


  1. Oh they are just the cutest! We have two cats and the kids love them although I'm not sure the feeling is mutual! x

  2. Great photos. We don't have any pets