A week of new tricks and big changes

Last week was such a big week for Noah (2 weeks ago now) 

It's true when people say that babies do things in their own time and sometimes learn everything all at once. Noah has come on leaps and bounds in just one week and we've also made some big changes. It makes me realise he is slowly becoming less and less a baby and more like a toddler. It makes me want to cry.

Crawling - Last month Noah became mobile when he discovered he could manage a backwards bum shuffle. Last week he ditched the bum shuffle and started crawling properly. After so many months of trying to teach him how to crawl it was incredible to watch him finally figure it out, it was like something had clicked into place. Those first few crawls were ever so adorable as he was all wobbly and his hands would make these clumsy footstep sounds with his hands. It didn't take long for him to get the hang of it because the next day and he was crawling everywhere and at a super speed. I think he feels so much better in himself now that he can move about easily. 

First tooth - He cut his first tooth! We had been able to see his teeth through his gums for months on end and thought we would of cut his first tooth sooner. At 11 months we finally have that first tooth (which is on the bottom right) and the second one isn't far behind. It's going to be so strange seeing him with teeth after so many months of that gummy grin. Our teething experience has been a nightmare so far as he's really struggling. (He now has 2!)

Cows milk - He had been going off his formula and I felt he was ready to try cows milk. He had had it on his cereal and in cooking before so I was certain he wasn't allergic and with just a matter of weeks before the "recommended age" I decided to go ahead. At first we offered him a bottle that was just cows milk which he drank an oz of then looked at the bottle in disgust and wouldn't have anymore. I then did half cows milk and half formula and he refused it point blank. The next day I decided to do 4oz formula and 2oz cows milk and as the week went on I decreased the formula and increased the cows milk. We have now made the full switch and he now loves his cows milk. He is now drinking more milk than he ever did formula. We've had no reactions and his nappies have been fine. Very happy with how easy it was for us to make the change. 

Not sterilising - When we switched to cows milk we also decided to stop sterilising too. It seemed silly to switch milk and not stop sterilising because as a rule parents seem to do this at the same time. We now wash his bottles in the dishwasher and then rinse them with tap water after the cycle. It seems to be doing the job. I won't miss sterilising but I did feel a little strange packing away the steriliser (just like I did when I gave Noah his last formula bottle) as it seems like an end of an era.

So now my baby is crawling, has two teeth and is on cows milk! What's next for Noah? 


  1. Gosh, what a massive change in a week. Goodbye baby days and welcome to the world of toddlerhood!

  2. My daughter is 11 months too and seems to be going off formula and breast milk. We've both had a bad cold but I'm not sure whether she's teething, still full of cold, or about to reach a developmental milestone as to why she's so unsettled lately. It's great to see your bambino doing so well and reaching all his milestones.

  3. Oh wow he really is growing up! x

  4. Can't believe he is ONE soon!! I was so naughty and stopped sterilising at 6months with Layla but nothing happened to her! He's gone through lots this week bless him :) xx