Noah's Cake Smash

With just days to go before Noah's 1st birthday I wanted to do something a little bit different to celebrate the lead up to his big day. As a lover of all things American I just had to embrace their new age tradition of a cake smash!

Initially I was going to pay for a cake smash photoshoot elsewhere but decided to dust of my DSLR, try to remember what I learnt at college and do it myself! I was a little apprehensive on the lead up to it because I worried about not getting a single shot but I shouldn't of worried. I had also planned to bake the cake myself but time ended up getting the better of me so we picked up a gorgeous ice cream sundae cake from our local ASDA. It was actually perfect for the shoot because it matched his baba and boo cloth nappy with it's little checkerboard cake base. 

I decided to have the cake smash after Noah's mid morning nap, just before lunch. I knew he is usually the perkiest at that time and thankfully he was in a good mood when he woke up! 

We changed him into his cloth nappy and placed him in front of the cake. His first reaction was to smirk. He must of be thinking "is this for me?! Really?!" 

He had lots of fun with the cake and found the whole experience hilarious. He would delicately take little pieces off the top to eat and would put his hands in all the icing. He sat there a good 15 minutes having a good play while I clicked away with the camera! The only time he moved was to crawl off at the end when he was getting a little bored but other than that he was good as gold, almost too good!   

I'm really pleased with our cake smash. Baby was happy, Daddy was happy and Mummy was happy. We all had fun, lots of laughs and created lovely memories too. 

And the icing on the cake is now we have dozens of beautiful photo's to look back on, photo's that commemorate his first birthday, photo's I will treasure forever. 

Here are some of our cake smash pictures, enjoy! 


  1. Lovely photos, especially love the mess at the end haha. We did our own cake smash too and it was so much fun. Can't believe they're turning 1! Xx

  2. Aww! What lovely photos! It looks like he had a fantastic time! x

  3. Brilliant photos, Jenna.

    I can't wait to do a cake smash for Jasmine's first birthday.

  4. Love! I knew you would get some great pictures xxx

  5. Awe i love this idea! Really wished i knew about it when Agent M was a baby.

    He looks like he had a great time and the pictures are fantastic! xxx

  6. Very cute, love the serious face in the 9th one down.

  7. Pic Nr 9 is ace!! And him crawling away from the cake haha bless him you captured some good ones there!! Happy birthday Noa! I am very tempted to do a cakesmash myself for MMs 1st bday in feb!

  8. It's lovely to make cakes for little ones x I love doing them for my grandchildren

  9. It's lovely to make cakes for little ones x I love doing them for my grandchildren