Review: MAM Soothers, Toothbrushes and Spoons - Oh my!

MAM is a baby brand favourite in our house and has been since Noah was born. When Noah was a newborn we struggled with wind and he couldn't drink comfortably from the bottles we were using at the time. We chose to buy new bottles and the MAM anti colic bottles were recommended everywhere: online, from friends, in forums, on twitter. We bought some and have never looked back, Noah still drinks from them now at 12 months.  

We were recently sent a selection of MAM products to review and I was very excited to try out further products from their range. 

MAM Perfect Night 12+ months soother and Moustache 6+ months soother

Just like the bottles the soothers from MAM are another product that I swear by and we have been using them since Noah was a few days old. In those early days we noticed that Noah wanted to suck on his thumb or on his bottle just for comfort so we decided to introduce a dummy. I sucked my thumb growing up and I didn't want Noah to follow in my footsteps as I know it's near enough impossible to really stop. We encouraged the dummy to distract him from his thumb because the way I see it you can take away a dummy but you can't take away a thumb! 

The MAM soothers are the only ones Noah will take and they are great because they come in different sizes, materials, designs and are BPA free. Noah usually only has his dummy at nap or bedtime but if he has it during the day for even just a minute it's because he's managed to find one by rummaging through my changing bag! Monkey!

MAM Bite & Play.

The Bite & Play teether couldn't of come at a better time now that Noah finally has his first two teeth and is teething on and off. It's perfect for chewing on or playing with and is specifically designed with teething babies in mind. It's easy to hold, entertaining and is made to soothe and massage gums. We've been using this a lot which surprised me cause he doesn't usually entertain teethers. On days where teething has been particularly bad we've thrown it into the fridge so then he has something cold to chew on and it seems to help a lot. It's also great for throwing in the changing bag for when you are are out and about too. 

MAM spoon set and cover.

We've actually been using the MAM spoons since we begun our weaning journey all those months ago and they have been fabulous. They are soft tipped which makes them perfect for Noah's delicate palate and they come in two different sizes and colours too. My favourite feature is the grip patch which makes them easier for Noah to hold and is now he is trying to get the hang of feeding himself.

MAM Learn to brush toothbrush set.

The MAM toothbrush was another item that was perfectly timed because as soon as Noah's first two teeth sprouted through the surface we opened our Learn to brush set. The set contains two toothbrushes. The first being a training brush that has an extra long handle which enables parents and babies to brush at the same time. The second is just like the training brush but without the extension which is great for transitioning and allowing the baby to brush independently. The sets come in three different colours; blue, green and pink. Noah loves to brush his teeth and gums and we didn't really need to use the training brush because thankfully he got the hang of it really quickly. You only need to ask Noah to brush his teeth and he gives it a go, he's fab. The Learn to Brush set is a great idea and has certainly made brushing teeth a lot easier and a lot more fun.

I was a huge fan of the brand before sampling all of these different products but now I love them even more. I couldn't rate them any higher because every product we have tried has literally been faultless and have all been perfectly suited for Noah's and my own needs. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending MAM to anyone. 

You can find all these products and much more on the website and at the moment there is a sale on and you could save upto a whopping 50% off. 

- I was sent these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.  

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  1. That teether looks AMAZING! Such a great design, easy to hold x