Project 365 - Week 7 - 7/52

Three weeks in and we are all still full of coughs and cold but we haven't been letting that stop up. We've had a nice and easy going week despite many 6am wake up's from Noah. On Monday we went to out first every playgroup and met up with a friend to take our boys to the park. We've been shopping. soft play and been to the park a few times.

February 8th - 14th / Week 7

Need I say more? Sundays are made for chocolate! 

Monday I took Noah to his first ever play group (don't judge!) It was okay and I am going to go back next week as I want Noah to get used to socialising more as he does still suffer from stranger anxiety. We had a great day.  

Today we went to the park and played with playdoh for the first time. We went for a walk to the shops and I treat him to a bag of milky bar buttons which he ate on the way home.

We had a lazy Wednesday and stayed in playing, cuddling and watcing TV. I treasure days like this because as much as I do miss going out to work the time I get with Noah is precious, he's growing up so fast. 

It was the launch of Bambino Mio's new prints and they kindly sent us the new range to tweet all about once the launch was underway. I am absolutely in love with the designs but so impressed with Bambino Mio on a whole as I was new to the brand, such excellent quality. 

Friday afternoon was spent at soft play and out shopping. Noah loved running off in the shop, I think he had spotted Frozen and Doc McStuffins on the back shelves. 

Valentine's Day! We didn't do anything special. Noah went out in the afternoon with my Nanna whilst Nick did some DIY and I watched the last few episodes of Hannibal, so romantic! 

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  1. Ooj my kind of shop! My favourite chocolates too! Yummy! Noah is too cute! x

  2. Some lovely fun, photos there, you're doing really well with the 365 project, keep it up :)

  3. Mmmm Ferreo Rocher my absolute favourite chocolate!!! Beautiful pictures x #project365

  4. A sad day for us all. The creator of Ferrero Rocher passed away at the weekend - he was 89 though, so they can't have done him any harm!

  5. Lovely photos! Ferrero Rocher is the only chocolate I don't like....eek! x

  6. Beautiful photos from the week, loving the new nappy patterns!

  7. That last photo is so precious! Glad you had fun at play group.

  8. Lovely photos, well done on the playgroup, I have yet to take V and he is 16 months, but he does have six siblings, so thats my excuse!! The nappy patterns are fab.