Project 365 - Week 8 - 8/52

Yep, 4 weeks in and we are all still really ill with this bug! Just when you start to think you are getting better you wake up the next morning totally full of it again. I feel like we aren't getting anywhere with it and it's so draining! Hope we all start to feel better soon. We've had a pretty lazy week due to not feeling well. But here is my week 8 of project 365.

February 15th - 21st / Week 8

Noah usually spends Sunday afternoon with his Nanna for some one on one time but she had him on the Saturday because she ended up having to work. We spent the afternoon at the park, walking around the woods, feeding the ducks and went for some al fresco hot chocolates. It was lovely.

We had a really rough night on Sunday as Noah still isn't 100%. I had planned to take him to playgroup again on the Monday but due to us both being unwell and hardly having any sleep we spent the day indoors playing puzzles and cuddling up. 

Pancake day! Noah's first pancake on actual pancake day! It of course had to be bigger than him and it had to be a little bit naughty too! Look at his face. At first he was confused and was like "Is this for me? Really!" He ate the majority of it, just leaving about half the actual pancake. 

We had a rough night Tuesday night as Noah has another one of his coughing episodes which led to him being sick all over himself. I saw him vomit through the baby monitor and ran straight to his room because it looked like he was about to choke. It was all over him so we needed to give him a shower at about 1am. Poor mite. So Wednesday ended up being another lazy day because we both felt terrible. 

My Mum came over to visit today and it was great to spend time with her. She also spent time with Noah whilst I had a bubble bath and half hour to myself. I probably felt my sickest this day and ached all over which meant I had to dig out some ice cream! 

Noah has recently been selected to be a SmarTriker and we couldn't wait for it to arrive. As soon as it did I set it up myself (and struggled!) We had to take it for a spin straight away and Noah absolutely loves it!  

Saturday we went shopping, went for a walk, for a drive and visited family.

So all in all it wasn't the best of weeks with us all being ill. We spent far too much time indoors but we did get a lot of quality time together. Please keep your fingers crossed that we start feeling better soon! 


  1. Awww looks like a fun week, I love the smartrike picutre =)
    Cookie Dough is the best ben and jerrys =D

  2. Every good wish for getting well soon. The weather will be warming up soon and that fabulous trike will be getting a lot of action. Hurrah for Ben & Jerry's. Here's to many more pancake days to come.

  3. Ooh that pancake looks amazing. I could eat that right now #project365

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I know exactly what you mean about thinking your finally over it & then waking up the next day to be full of it again as I've been exactly the same for ages now! xx

  5. Ummm cookie dough.I hope everyone is feeling better this week

  6. Hope you're all better now :( And his face at that pancake, classic! :D #project365