An Easter Garden fit for Mr Bunny

With Easter weekend just around the corner, it’s no surprise that after what feels like months hidden inside we can’t wait to get out into the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.  

Although there’s still a chill in the air, Easter weekend is set to be a warm introduction into spring and what better place to enjoy it than in the garden letting the little ones burn off all that excess energy after too much chocolate.  

The garden can be an overgrown jungle after a winter of neglect, so before you begin preparations for Mr Bunny’s impending visit, it’s time to ensure that it’s a safe environment for the children to enjoy. Removing any debris, and cutting back any untidy shrubs can give the garden a new lease of life ready for the spring buds to appear.  

If you’ve got toddling tots ensure that their adventures are not going to be disrupted with any slips or trips. Checking the safety of any paths is essential, but a quick fix for any play areas can always be found with a sprinkling of colourful rubber chippings such as these, which can break the impact of any falls.   

If you don’t want to wait for the flowers to bloom invest some time in picking out some new plants with the children. Give them the responsibility of helping you pick them out at the local garden center and plant them. You could even give them their own patch and encourage them to take care of the pretty flowers they are growing. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to get involved with the great outdoors and enjoy being outside in the fresh air. Besides little ones love to get muddy.   

It’s not often that we decorate our gardens unless we have a big family event or a BBQ, but Easter is the perfect time for celebrating a new year and putting some colour back into a space that has been grey for far too long. Hang bunting around the garden, or making an Easter Egg Tree like this one, are all crafts that the children can take part in.  They’ll love painting the eggs and decorating the garden in fun vibrant colours.  

Have Fun   
Of course once your garden is looking like Mr Bunny’s dream home it’s time for the fun and games to begin. Before the chocolate takes over, give the children a few fun activities to do, like pin the fluffy tail on the rabbit. Whether you’re holding an Easter party for your little ones or just celebrating with a big family meal, there will no doubt be an Easter egg hunt along the way. Just don’t forget to treat yourself as well.  

 - This is a guest post.

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