Noah - 15 Months Old

Well well well, he's been a monkey this past month! He's really pushing his boundaries and seeing what he can and can't get away with at the moment. It makes me feel better that this is age linked and not just my son being a terror. In the last couple of days he has just started smacking too. Not hard but it is wrong and he knows he shouldn't be doing it. He sometimes laughs when he does it too, even when we are being firm! I think that if it continues I am going to bring down his little chair from upstairs and have it as the "time out" chair. I will take him away from whatever situation he is in when he is doing something he shouldn't and place him on the chair, telling him why he is there and what he has done wrong. He probably won't understand the concept straight away but he will soon pick it up. 

Other than that he's been cheeky and funny as ever. He also has a very loving streak and is so gentle with other toddlers and animals. It's so endearing watching their personalities bloom even when they are going through these naughty or nice phases.


Noah now wears 12-18 month clothes and everything is pretty much a neat fit despite some of the larger fitting items. He seems to have gotten a lot taller this month and seems to be filling out a bit more, still a string bean though. I weighed him a few weeks back and he was 23lb, so he is a little on the dainty side but so was I when I was a dot.

It's been a horrible month on the health side of things. We have had coughs and cold for three weeks now and just when you think you are overcoming it, it's back even worse. Noah seems to be feeling a bit better now but his cough is relentless and I am thinking of taking him back to the GP if it doesn't clear in the next week.

Noah now has 5 teeth, still not many! Two teeth at top, a front tooth and canine and three on the bottom. He is still the gummy bear but with his top teeth growing in at a random order he looks like a little hillbilly! I can't wait until he has all his front teeth so I can see a real cheesy grin.

We are still on three bottles a day; 8oz morning, 6oz afternoon, 8oz at night with water inbetween. He's still having three meals a day and sometimes a snack. He has been off his food for a while now and I've put it down to the leap, teething and his cold. He used to eat anything that was put in front of him but lately he has been very picky and has hardly eaten anything. I think we might be making progress though because the past couple of days his eating seems so of gone back to normal and he's eating more than he ever has. I am hoping we are back on track with it because we have tried so hard to encourage his eating from the very first day of weaning and always offered a lot of variety to try and sway him from being a fussy eater. It's such a relief when you see them eating again. 

Same with the feeding, sleep this month has gone to pot too! He usually sleep 8pm-8am with no wake ups but the past few weeks he has been waking up between 4am-6am for a bottle. We tried to hold off giving him milk as we didn't want him to get into the routine of waking for a feed but he must be hungry because he wouldn't go back to sleep until he had one. I am hoping we can get back to our usual sleep routine soon.

Nap times are usually drama free and at the moment he hasn't decided if he wants 1 or 2 naps a day. He's in between and transitioning from 2 to 1 naps but it does seem more frequent now to have one longer nap. I actually prefer the one because it free's up our days a little better and also gives me a little more time to myself.

I've decided to add a new section on the update and this is speech. This past month he has been really trying with speech and have added some new words to his vocabulary. New words this month are; Grandad, gone, up, dog.

Here are the words he now knows; Hiya, Mama, Mum, Dada, Dad, Nanna, Nan, Grandad, dog, up, gone, Mickey, Jake, dirty and light. 

We received some baby flashcards today and we are going to really work on your speech. I think he's doing great but I really want to make learning new words fun for him.

Milestones and new tricks
Last month I wrote "
I think by next month I will be writing that he is walking everywhere." I was spot on with this assumption! Noah now walks around everywhere and rarely falls. Once he learnt to walk that was it, it was like something clicked. He can stand up from the sitting position with no help, spins around and I've even caught him running a few times! It still feels so strange to see him walk after all this time. Nothing cuter than hearing his little footsteps clomping behind you. 

As I previously mentioned his speech has really come on this month and he's added a few new words to his vocabulary.

He is getting better at feeding himself and we often let him use his spoon and fork himself but he usually ended up using his hands instead.

Noah seems to be more aware of everything that we do or say this month and will try and repeat the word or action we have made. For example he has watched us feeding the cats and now when you say to him "Noah, feed the cats!" He will walk to the cupboard, pull out the bag of cat biscuits and take it over to their food bowls. 

He can now point out to different parts of his body; head, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, feet, hands, belly. Oh and even his winky and boobies! 

Walking! Now that he has mastered it he wants to walk all the time. He seems to be testing his skills too by climbing over things or walking over uneven surfaces. He loves to run and stand up from the sitting position. 

Fruit. He would live off the stuff if I let him.

Noah has always been a Disney Jnr baby but this month he has discovered In the night garden and giggles his head off at Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle!

Sticking out his tongue. Whenever he see's his own reflection or notices himself on my phone he will stick out his tongue, very cheeky!

Singing and doing the actions for Incy Wincy Spider and Round and round the garden.

Being applauded. 

Playing peekaboo.

Pretending to talk on the phone to Dada. 

Being told no. He now doesn't cry when he is being told off but will totally ignore me or continue to do so anyway.

He used to be fine being in the bath and having his hair washed but now he hates it when water goes on his face. If I try get him to lay back while I rinse his hair he cries even more. Such a drama queen.

Jelly. We've tried him with jelly a few times now and each time he has been horrified by the texture of the stuff.

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  1. Reading this he sounds so similar to indiana who turned 15 months last Thursday! I'm trying to ignore the naughty behaviour but they're so cheeky haha xx