50 things that make me happy

Last week I was tagged by the lovely Nat from The Diary of an Unexpectant Mother to take part in the 50 things that make me happy post. So here I am and here it is, 50 things that make me happy.

1. Noah.
2. Our home.
3. Nick.
4. Our cats.
5. Photographs and photography.

6. Holidays.
7. Summer.
8. American TV shows.
9. Cloth nappies.

10. Family.
11. The sun.
12. Noah's smile and giggle.
13. Tea and toast.

14. Music.
15. Reading.
16. Travelling.
17. Days out.
18. Animals. 

19. Diet coke.
20. Chocolate.
21. Children.
22. Movies.
23. Hot chocolate.
24. Social media.
25. Slimming World.
26. Popcorn.
28. Instagram.
29. Fresh air.
30. Beaches.
31. Watching my son grow up.
32. Cuddles.
33. Cocktails.
34. Songs and singing. 

35. Cake.
36. Good friends.
37. Doing a good deed.
38. Candles!
39. Making plans for the future.
40. BBQ's.
41. Saving up.
42. Sleeping.
43. Spring.
44. Supporting a charity.
45. My phone.
46. Reality TV. 

47. New perfume.
48. Making memories.
49. Competitions.
50. Having a good day. 

What makes you happy?


  1. Awwww <3 I loved this post x

  2. Love these. Thanks for the tag. I'm gonna have to give this quite some thought I think. Alli xo

  3. Love this - I loveee making plans for our future, so exciting :) xx

  4. Thanks for the tag. Going to do mine soon xxx

  5. Love this post and I NEED to try out that Bunny cake yankee candle!! Thanks for linking up! #MMWBH

  6. What makes me happy is mainly seeing others happy. I like to see people happy, cheery, having a laugh etc. Children and animals can make me happy, they live in the moment, are curious by nature and enjoy adventures etc. "It's Nice to be Nice" that to experience or witness an act of kindness can bring me happiness. Happiness is a Wonderful experience and one we need more of.

    Rachel Craig