3 dates with a difference

Back when I was expecting, Nick and I made a promise to make sure we made time for one another once the baby was here. We always said that we would go on date nights, nights out and have baby free moments but that just hasn't really happened. 

It was easy making promises like that before we had Noah in our lives because we didn't know what it would be like to be parents. We could imagine it but imagining it and living it is a whole different thing. Once the baby was here all plans for date nights just flew out the window because we literally just wanted to spend every single moment with him and we still do. 

There have been ample opportunities to have a baby free night but we always tend to turn them down. We want to spend most of our time with our son like most parents do but it's getting to the point now where Nick and I really need to make more time for one another. 

We had a little sit down the other night and discussed the possibility of making time to have 1 date night a month. We used to go our for meals, just the two of us and used to have late night trips to the cinema. Although those are nice we started thinking a little out of the box too.

1. Chocolate workshop.
Okay well this sounds right up my street. What chocolate lover wouldn't like to pay a trip to a chocolate workshop. Think of all the chocolately goodness you could sample. This is one date I will definitely be looking into!

2. Nature trail.
One thing we have both started to really enjoy lately is just getting outdoors in the fresh air. We are both trying to eat better and exercise more so a nature trail would be a great date for the pair of us. 

3. Fishing trip.
This was obviously suggested by Nick. It's not an activity that I would usually willingly seek out but it is one that my partner would like to do. I can certainly see some perks of going on this trip as I could sit back with a book and enjoy the peace and quiet. One thing though we would need to stock up on some fishing tackle first!

Do you make time for date nights with your partner? Or do you have any suggestions on what we could do? I would love to hear them! 

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