A Walk in the Park and a Picnic with Petit Filous Pouches #SummerDaysOut

For the past couple of days the weather has been absolutely glorious! The sun has been shining, the birds have been singing and we have been making the most of every daylight hour.

Noah is at his happiest running around and exploring the great outdoors, he loves being outside in the fresh air. With his love of nature and animals I often say he's a little David Attenborough in the making!

A few days ago Noah and I decided to go on a little adventure, just the two of us. Our plan was to take the very long route to the park and to have a little picnic in the sun.

We had been asked to try the brand new Petit Filous pouches and report back with what we thought about them so we just had to bring them a long. Petit Filous in a pouch, perfect for picnics! 

I rushed around the house like a headless chicken preparing everything we needed. I slapped a little bit of make up on my face and slathered Noah's face in sun cream. I made sure I have thrown everything we needed into the basket of the pram, strapped him in and off we went! 

As I said the walk was a long one but thankfully Noah doesn't protest about being in the pram so it was rather nice to be walking out in such glorious weather. Noah pointed out all the birds, the tree's, the cars - another one of his favourite things to do! 

Once we arrived at the park he had a little run around, a swing on the swings, a slide down the slide. You know, the usual park antics! Then it was time for lunch!

We found a table in the shade and got stuck in. I packed Noah a soft cheese sandwich, cheese nibbles, cucumber and a peach Petit Filous pouch. He was so excited to try the new pouch that he insisted on eating that before anything else!

What we thought-

Noah can be a little hit and miss with yogurts. One week he will love them and gobble them up but others he isn't really interested in them. Thankfully I don't worry about his calcium intake because he still drinks a lot of milk and he eats a lot of cheese too but I would still like him to have more. 

With that in mind I did wonder how he would take to the pouches and I was hoping that they would encourage him to eat more of the yogurt. The pouches did just that and I am so pleased! He easily consumes the whole pouch in a matter of minutes and really enjoys them too. I often hear "mmmm" as he's toddling about with the pouch in his hand. Thumbs up from Noah!

What we liked-

The three different flavours; Strawberry, Raspberry and Apricot are a lovely variety to begin with.
The pouches are very convenient and easy to use.
They are pretty much mess free, hurrah!

The texture is a little thinner than a regular Petit Filous which I think is a great change for the pouch variety.

What we didn't like-
I think that 79p per pouch is rather pricey and would put me off buying them on a regular basis. I will probably just buy them as a treat every now and again. 

We would love to see them expand the range of flavours in the future too. 

- We were sent a voucher to buy this product however all opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like a lovely day! I'm so sad they don't do those kind of things that are dairy free! x

  2. You can't beat a good picnic can you! I'm not sure I'd pay 79p for a yoghurt either though tbh.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Love these pouches, perfect for picnics and school lunch boxes - shame they are a bit pricey though! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I've seen these on offer recently & thought about getting them - did it splurge out as you opened it? The last fruit pouch Markus had went EVERYWHERE as we opened it. He's also really eager to 'get in' and squeezes straight away lol!