Finding the Perfect Family Car: Top Tips

Finding the perfect family car is a difficult challenge; especially if you’re still in love with your current car. Sadly, no matter how great your convertible looks in the summer months, it’s simply not practical if you’re after something for the whole family. Particularly one with a small child. In this post, we look at the top tips for selecting the perfect family car as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

Rear Legroom Is Key
When you’re buying a car for a family, rear legroom is certainly a key consideration. Even if you have a small baby, you’ll still need it for two reasons. Number one, your child won’t be that small for long, and secondly, you’ll use the space when you’re getting them in and out of the car. If you don’t have large back doors (a five door car is also essential) and plenty of legroom, getting your child in and out of the car can be hugely problematic.

By picking a car with plenty of legroom and large, wide doors, you make the experience of going on trips with your little one as simple as possible. Plus, if you keep the car for a lengthy period of time, you’ll always have space, even when you’re transporting 3 or 4 adults.

The Boot is More Important Than Ever
Just use the boot to store your de-icer, scraper and spare windscreen washer? You won’t when your child arrives, and you’ll need your boot as a fully functioning space. At the very least, it’s likely to be the semi-permanent home of a pram, and for longer trips you’re also likely to have overnight bags and other baby necessities.

With a child on the backseat, it’s also not like you can just throw your shopping on the backseat next to them, so your boot will have to hold a buggy and the weekly shop. All in all, the bigger boot you can get, the better.

A Car That’s Built to Last
Finally, ensuring you’re buying a car that is built to last. Admittedly, this can be particularly problematic and hard to plan for if you’re buying second hand, but if you’re buying new then you should opt for a car with an extended warranty, in case the worse should happen. Some span for as long as seven years now. If you do have to buy used, then ensure that you at least get breakdown cover. This way, if you breakdown at the side of a road with a screaming infant, you’re certain help isn’t far away.

So there we have it, three key considerations when selecting your new family car. Consider these key rules closely and you can’t go far wrong.


  1. Great advise/list. We are thinking of getting another car. We have an Audi at the moment and the boot is long but it isn't practical and big enough for us! as the height of the boot limited. x

  2. Nice tips xx i have a 7 seater it seems like a mini bus ahahahah

  3. Nice tips xx i have a 7 seater it seems like a mini bus ahahahah