The Worst Driver I Know

I was recently asked to write an article about the worst driver that I know. I didn't have to think long before I decided who that was because that person is me! 

It's rather embarrassing to admit that but I think I'm just one of those people who just isn't supposed to drive. I think I'm supposed to be the back seat driver who sit's there criticising my partners driving, in jest of course!There are many reasons why I think I'm the worst driver that I know and one of the main reasons is that I panic. On occasion I have felt panic for no reason and have felt the need to just stop. When this happens I've had to pull over and let my partner drive or just take a minute. I think it's to do with anxiety and not feeling confident in myself.

Another big factor is that I suffer with a case of road rage! Even sitting in the passenger seat I have been known to have a case of the red. There is just something about bad, reckless or careless drivers that just really gets to me. Especially now I have a child. I just think they should take a page out of my book and realise that driving probably isn't for them.

On other occasions I find myself being easily distracted, especially when my son is in the car. They say that women can multi task but I openly admit that I can't when I'm in the car with my child. 

And last but not least on a lighter note is that I'm a singer! When I'm behind the wheel and my jam comes on you know that I will be wailing away! So it's not bad enough that I'm a terrible driver and my partner is gripping onto his seat but he also has his fingers in his ears too! 

But in all seriousness I need to work on my confidence and my driving and I am hoping to retake lessons soon and will be looking into different insurance policies too.

Are you a good driver? Do you have any tips of advice you would like to share?

-This is a PR collaboration.

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