Project 365 - Week 36 - 36/52

30th August - 5th September / Week 36

On Sunday my Mum took Noah out for the afternoon so Nick and I had a day of housework and ticked a few jobs off our to do list too. One being Noah's passport that I am still a little stuck with!

Bank Holiday Monday and it was great having extra time off with Nick! We had a family day out and took Noah to a tractor festival! We all had a really good time seeing all these different tractors and went for a ride on one through the hills. It was at a farm so we fed all the animals too. Great day out at Thornton Hall farm as always.

How grown up does Noah look with his short hair?! Don't come between this boy and his apple! Tuesday was our last Stay and Play afternoon session at play group as it's not running weekly now the kids have gone back to school.

On Wednesday my Mum and Sister came to visit. The weather was awful so we had a rather relaxing day, baked brownies and went shopping when the rain decided to give us a break! 

Thursday a rather exciting prize I won for Noah arrived. It's a supermarket with lots of play food and Noah adores it but he had just as much fun playing in the box it came in! 

Friday was a funny old day. Our cat Baby had come in with three deep wounds above his eye and they quickly (within hours) became infected and filled with pus. So we had to take him to the vets to have it looked at. Turns out another cat had bitten him and the wounds were a lot more severe than we thought. The vet washed them for us, gave him a course of antibiotics and sent us on our way. Animals eh?

Fun at the park with Daddy. Noah spent a good 5 minutes sat watching a little girl slide down the slide on her tummy and he was hysterically laughing. He absolutely loves other children. I think he's hinting at a sibling! He will have to wait, haha.

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  1. Noah always looks so happy bless him! Great photo's Jenna x