Project 365 - Week 37 - 37/52

6th September - 12th September / Week 37

On Sunday there was a Family Fun Day running at one of our local parks. Nick, Noah and I met up with Noah's Uncle, Auntie and Cousin for the occasion and had such a great day together. They went on the park, in a fire engine, danced with a brass band, had hotdogs, went on fairground rides, on the tombola! It really was a family day full of fun! 

On Monday I met up with one of my good friends who was up from down south. We went for a walk, out for lunch and had a catch up. It was nice to see her and her daughter as it had been a few months. The weather was glorious too so it was a lovely day.

Just had to share this photo as Noah has a new habit of smearing all his food across his face! Strange boy!

We did a spot of baking come Wednesday. We made jam tarts and Noah really enjoyed himself. I hadn't made them since I was a kid so they didn't turn out the best. Next time I need to roll a lot thinner and use better butter! 

On Thursday the lovely weather returned and Noah and I had a Mummy and son kinda day. We went out for a walk together, played out in the garden, shared a lunch, had ice cream. Days like this I am so fortunate that I didn't have to go back to work and get to spend every moment with him.

Friday we didn't get to have a family afternoon out as our Grandparents came around in the afternoon and helped us put a fence up in our front garden. It was nice to spend time with them too and after it had been completed we took Noah to ASDA. By this photo you will be able to tell that he has us wrapped around his little finger, oops.

On Saturday we paid a trip to Eureka. I hadn't been since I was in Primary School so I had totally forgotten what it was like. When we arrived I was amazed at how much there was to see and do and Noah had the time of his life. His favourite sections were the M&S shop where he was zooming round with his trolly filling it with food and he really enjoyed the play kitchen too. We are going to be going again in a few weeks time as so much fun was had by everyone. 


  1. That little trolley is so cute! Jam tarts sound yummy and I always think baking gets better with practise. Yum!

  2. the jam tarts look lovely and probably taste better knowing you've had a helping hand