Project 365 - Week 38 - 38/52

13th September - 19th September / Week 38


In memory of a lost friend. I hope you've found peace now Andy.

Tuesday, wooden toy day! Here is Noah playing with his fab train set from IKEA.

Well isn't Noah a lucky boy?! Here is a huge collection of Bing books that I won for him over on twitter. I have put most of them away for Christmas but I did let him have the activity books early.

Here is Noah emulating his Daddy. How chuffed does he look with that guitar in his hands? I think he's going to be following in Nick's footsteps, that's for sure. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Wednesday. Noah and I spent most the afternoon sunning ourselves in the front garden, safely of course! 

On Thursday Noah and I went out for lunch with my Dad and visited my Nanna too. We then popped round to my Mum's for a couple of hours. We went to the park and I stopped by a charity shop on the way there and boy wasn't I glad. Check out this tresure trove of books! 5 books for just £1! I managed to find Each Peach Pear Plum in there, such a classic.

Friday wasn't a very exciting day as I was finishing off lot's of jobs before our mini break away this Sunday. I did receive some lovely mail though. This book from Little Tiger Press is absolutely lovely, a new favourite! 

Today on Saturday we had a family outing with Noah's cousin and auntie. We had a picnic, went to the park, went shopping and had ice cream too. Such a lovely day. The boys had fun and the sun was shining too. Bliss.

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  1. what a fab selection of books in the charity shop, well done on your win of books also. We loved the IKEA wooden train sets when our kids were little