Project 365 - Week 39 - 39/52

20th September - 26th September / Week 39

Sunday saw us setting off for a three day adventure in the Lake District. I had won £300 Late Rooms voucher a few weeks ago so decided to book a little break for the three of us. We were all very excited!

Monday was our first full day in Keswick. We jammed as much into our day as possible. We visited the Beatrix Potter attraction, went on a boat ride across Lake Windermere, went out for lunch and dinner and explored through the quaint villages. I could easily live in the Lakes, everything is so beautiful.

Tuesday the weather was glorious so we decided to go to South Lakes Zoo for the day. I feel a little conflicted about Zoo's as I can see the pro's and the con's of raising animals in captivity but I have to say I was so impressed with South Lakes. Most the animals roam free in very large enclosures and you can see that they are so well taken care of. It was such a beautiful place and the three of us enjoyed ourselves so much. Noah's favourite animals were the Gibbons which he thought were hilarious! 

One of my favourite things about the Lake District are the beautiful independent stores you see on every street. Here in Lancashire you don't see many like this and our high street is just full of pound shops, betting shops and closed down buildings, horrible really. This was Noah's favourite and as you can see he had his eyes on that wooden camper van! This was the day our holiday ended and we set off home in the morning.

Thursday we of course were back home and we had lots of sorting and washing to do. Thankfully this beautiful bouquet arrived to cheer me up a little! Review coming soon.

Friday we had a lazy morning as we were all so tired from our mini break. This Thomas toy came for Noah to review so he was pretty made up with that. In the evening Nick and I decided to have a date night so Noah stopped out at his Nanny's while we went out for a meal and to the cinema. It was a great night and we have to do it more often. 

Saturday, family day. We took a trip to the park and visited family.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. That's one busy week! I've not heard of South Lakes Zoo, but I'll bear that in mind for next Summer!