4 Ways To Help Your Family Sleep Better

People don’t often spend too much time thinking about sleep; it’s just that thing everyone does at the end of the day. However, sleep is incredibly important for proper brain and body functioning, and not having enough can also affect the people around you. If you find sleep challenging, below are some great tips to get both you and your family sleeping better.

1. Soft bedding

Bedding, pillows, and blankets can all have an effect on you and your family’s sleeping habits as they are the items that dictate your comfort level while sleeping (and getting to sleep). For ultimate comfort, you can’t go past wool products. This includes pillows and doona covers, as well as a mattress topper on everyone’s bed to provide some added cushioning.

2. Sleep Environment

Bedrooms can often get overrun with clutter, as everyone wants to personalise their individual space, particularly children. However, they should actually be about walking into an inviting area that promotes rest and calm. Too many pictures on the walls, and boxes, clothes, and toys shoved into every corner make for an anxious and constricted environment, and can even cause hygiene problems. For instance, pests are attracted to large messes, and a bedroom floor covered in clutter could see you dealing with rodents or insects. Consequently, the need for a company like IA Aptive Pest Control to handle an infestation becomes more likely. Think about including some new storage solutions to hide clutter. Keep wall colours neutral, but incorporate colour through accessories such as quilt covers. Have dimmable lighting and avoid incorporating technology such as computers and televisions.

3. Healthy Habits

For a start, getting plenty of exercise and eating a balanced diet is what your body needs to function properly, and this also impacts how well it can sleep. Make sure your family gets at least 30 minutes every day, even if it’s just taking the dog for a walk together or going to the park. Also, get in the habit of slowing down your activities and technology use before bedtime. For example, put away the phones and laptops, dim the lights with some soft music, or sit down and read a book together. Focus on activities that will allow you to wind down.

4. Have Routine

To improve sleep patterns for your family, you have to address everyone’s current sleep routines and decide what can be improved. A big one is making sure each person has a bedtime, even the grown-ups. Getting into a routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time every day creates consistency with sleep, which is what your body needs to ensure it gets the right amount of rest. Not having a sleep routine confuses your body, as it’s not sure when it’s shut-down time, meaning you and your kids are more likely to have interrupted sleep and find yourself more tired during the day.

Busy lifestyles are the name of the game for families these days, so it’s easy to forget about how important sleep is to everyone’s health. Incorporating some of the above tips into your household will not only have everyone sleeping better, but will also help you be happier and healthier in the process.

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  1. I think most people get into bad habits which create sleep problems after we leave home. Most of us know we should follow the advice above but never quite get around to it.