Project 365 - Week 40 - 40/52

27th September - 3rd October / Week 40

Sunday afternoon Noah spent some time with my Mum like he does every other Sunday. When we brought him home we went for dinner at Nan's house. She made a lovely roast dinner with a home made apple crumble for desert. Was lovely spending time with the family. Here's a photo of the boys and Nick playing out in the garden.

Monday started with a bang with such beautiful weather. We enjoyed the garden to the fullest this week having many picnics out on the grass. 

Teddy snuggling up to Peter Rabbit late at night!

On Wednesday my Mum and Sister paid us a visit. We decided to go into town for lunch and did a bit of shopping too. We may have spent far too much in the shops but it's not often we have a big blow out like that. Noah was spoilt rotten but I forced my Mum to take half of it home with her to give it to him for his birthday, ha ha. It was great having that time together especially as my sister is emigrating to America soon. 

Wow, Thursday the 1st of October and it felt like the height of Summer! It was beautiful sitting out in the garden. I was sat there on the bench with my eyes closed, sun shining listening to the sound of Noah splashing about and giggling (before he decided he wanted to sit in the water table of course!) He was in his element running around the garden in the nude. Absolute bliss.

I know it's supposed to be flash back Thursday but I couldn't help sharing this photo from last year. I recently rediscovered it and just had to share it again. My little forest elf! 

Saturday we had a shopping day and visited family. Noah thought it was hilarious wearing this hat. Everyone meet Indiana Noah! 

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  1. It has been a marvelous week weather wise hasn't it. Nice to see you making the most of it. Glad your mum saw sense and took some of the treats back away for his birthday.
    Nice that Noah gets to spend time with his gran, I am sure they both love the experience.