Project 365 - Week 46 - 46/52

8th November - 14th November / Week 46

On Sunday Noah spent the afternoon with his Nanna so we were able to prepare for his second birthday which was later that week! We bought this Viga Kitchen Noble Wooden Toy for Noah's main present and it cost just £44 (Currently in the sale!) I am amazed at the quality of it for the price, it's amazing. Even comes with two little pans, the utensils and the salt and pepper shakers too. So pleased with this purchase!  

On Monday we made it to playgroup, whoop whoop! We had company too so it was extra lovely. Noah was hyperactive in there as usual, playing with everything! He did some painting too and managed to sit down for about 30 seconds during snack time, little terror!

Tuesday we just had a play and bake day, really easy going day. The weather was terrible outside and with Noah's birthday coming up I thought we had better take some of the week days a little slowly! Save our energy for the big day!

On Wednesday my Mum came to visit us. Her train was cancelled so she had to get a bus and walk to get here but there was no chance she wasn't seeing Noah. She's a very very very devoted Nanna and it's no wonder than Noah asks me about her everyday! 

On Thursday Noah turned 2! Birthday day! He woke up with a cold, which is just typical ha ha. We had breakfast in bed and then all went downstairs to show him his presents. He was whining as we were coming down the stairs as he wasn't feeling 100% but as soon as he saw his kitchen and his presents he smiled from ear to ear! We spent the morning and most the afternoon playing with all his new toys and I was amazed to see him actually playing properly! The kitchen has gone down a storm and I am so glad we bought it him. In the afternoon we went food shopping as we had a buffet to prefer for the evening as we decided to throw him a little buffet party. We invited close family and they all turned up around 6pm. Noah had such a great time socialising with everyone, dancing and being silly but it was a struggle to try and get him to open his presents! I suppose it's better to have him more interested in his family than his gifts but it was still a little akward, ha ha. All in all we all had a wonderful day and I still can't believe he is two!

We didn't get up to much on Friday as Noah was really unwell. He doesn't get colds often but when he does he gets them bad. He gets the cough, cold, sneezes, temperature but it also brings on his wheeze which means he has to have his inhaler. It happens every time but hopefully his breathing will be okay this time around and we don't need to take him to the hospital. Anyway I took this photo on Friday because they are two of his favourite birthday presents, he loves Toy Story!

On Saturday both Noah and I were ill, boo! So we both felt rather sorry for ourselves and made Nick look after us all day! Before tea we decided to go to the shops to buy a few Christmas decorations and some treats, just to get out the house really! Not a very exciting day!

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Happy Birthday Noah! What a fab looking play kitchen - I wish we had one like that when my two were little.

  2. Love the little kitchen. Hope he had a good birthday! x