Project 365 - Week 48 - 48/52

22nd November - 28th November / Week 48

On Sunday my Mum watched Noah for us in the afternoon as Nick and I wanted to take a trip to IKEA. The last time we took Noah to IKEA he screamed the place down and we just thought it was best not to take him this time. It was nice to shop child free and spend time with Nick too and well Noah had a blast with his Nanna too.

Noah has a rough night on Sunday and had Nick and I up countless times. Safe to say we missed playgroup but we made up for it by going to soft play instead. He pretty much had the whole place to himself and he was absolutely in his element.

Tuesday was just an easy going day really, this pretty much sums it up! 

On Wednesday my friend visited with her daughter. It was lovely to watch Noah and Lily play together but it was even better to have adult conversation and a couple of cups of tea with my good friend! We had a lovely day and took the kids to a sensory room. Wish she didn't live so far away so we could meet up more frequently.

My Mum was supposed to be visiting on Thursday but couldn't make it which meant it was another chilled out day where we focused on potty training. Lately Noah has been asking to use the toilet to do a poo so I took this as a huge sign to start our potty training journey. He will use a potty to wee if he has no pants on but if he has underpants on he will just wee in them as he thinks it's just a nappy. It's still very early days but I'm so proud of his accomplishments already.

When your kid doesn't want to leave the toy aisle, ha ha! Here we were shopping in ASDA in the evening on a Friday and Noah didn't want to leave the toy section, uh oh.

Today the weather was awful so we couldn't go to the park or for a walk. Instead we did a bit of shopping in B&Q and bought a new plant and some paints. We then visited Noah's great grandparents where they had us stay for tea which was delicious as ever. Noah absolutely adores his Nan and Grandad. 

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Lovely post and such a beautiful cheeky grin. I must be one of the very few who has never visited an Ikea though. Our nearest one is a couple of hours away :(

  2. Oh my gosh look how young Noah looks, his smile is amazing, I've never been to IKEA, my mum and sister love it,hopefully if I pass my driving test in march I'll be able to visit it as its a 25 minute drive away xXx