Turn your child’s bedroom into a sleep sanctuary in 3 easy steps

Kids need sleep, and plenty of it. In fact, experts suggest that the average three-year-old should get between 11 and 12 hours sleep a night, and babies require even more shut eye than this. So, when you’re designing a bedroom for your little one, you’ll need to make sure you create an environment that’s ideal for drifting off. To help you achieve the best results, it’s worth following these three simple steps.

1) Set the perfect lighting levels
Especially during the summer when the days are long, it can be tricky trying to get youngsters to stick to healthy sleeping patterns. However, there is a simple way around this problem. By investing in blackout curtains or blinds, you can ensure you have total control over the level of brightness in your kid’s bedroom. Even if the sun’s shining outside, you can ensure your youngster has a cosy den to snuggle up in. So things aren’t too dark during the night though, consider adding a nightlight or two for added reassurance. There’s no shortage of fun kids’ lights to choose from and you can get ideas online by visiting websites like thelightingsuperstore.co.uk. For total convenience, you could opt for a special LED nightlight that has a built-in sensor, meaning it comes on at dusk and switches itself off at dawn.

2) Keep clutter to a minimum
If you’re not careful, your kid’s room could end up looking like a department store after a sales rush. The sheer number of toys and clothes that children have can make keeping these spaces tidy a real challenge. This is a problem, because too much clutter can be big distraction for youngsters. If you want your child to relax and unwind at bedtime, it’s best if you can restore order in their rooms. To help you do this, make sure you include plenty of storage in your design. To squeeze more into the space available, consider including full-height drawers and shelves. On a related point, try to keep this as a screen-free zone. Your kids might be glued to their tech during the day, but when it’s time for lights out, there’s no place for TVs, tablets and other devices.

3) Choose the best possible bed
Arguably the most important step is choosing the perfect bed. Unless your child feels comfortable and secure when they lie down at night, they won’t be able to sleep soundly. This means it’s worth putting plenty of time and effort into choosing a model that perfectly matches your youngsters’ practical needs. As well as getting a good frame, make sure you select a high-quality mattress that gives their growing body all the support it needs. For added comfort and luxury, top the bed with a soft, sumptuous duvet and sheets.

Creating a sleep sanctuary for your child by following these steps could help them to get more shuteye - which, let’s face it, should be good news all round.


  1. I have black out curtains in Chloe's room. Best investment ever.

  2. I found it was so important to keep everything in the same places too, disruption to the bedroom can cause upset and no sleep!

  3. Our musical night light has been AMAZING really helps to soothe harry back to sleep

  4. Our musical night light has been AMAZING really helps to soothe harry back to sleep