Designing our dream bathroom

We managed to get onto the property ladder last year when we were able to buy our first home. Once we bought the house we spent six whole months renovating it before we could move in. There was so much work that we needed to do as we basically had to scratch from scratch with every room. 

Although the renovation process was hard work, exhausting and expensive work it did have a silver lining and that was being able to design each room ourselves.  

When it came to the bathroom I knew what style and look I wanted to achieve from the get go. I wanted the entire bathroom to be tiled, both floor and walls. I opted for spotlights as I wanted an even distribution of light and find them to feel a little warmer. I also wanted a four piece bathroom, a free standing shower, separate bath, toilet and sink.

The only issue we had when renovating the bathroom was which tiles to go for. There are simply so many to choose from and with them being so expensive we had to get it right. We deliberated for weeks on end before we decided to go for travertine effect tiles because we loved the colour and size. 

A year on and our bathroom is complete but there are still a few tweaks I want to make, such as bathroom furniture and perhaps a few potted plants to really complete the look.

What does your dream bathroom look like? 


  1. Your bathroom is lovely, such a functional space. I love seeing photos of your home x

  2. We moved into a very old cottage and we're renovating that. The first job we did was the bathroom and we have the very same tiles as you.

  3. wow it looks amazing - ours is plain white and i just try to add some colour with towels etc


  4. Looks amazing would love a bathroom like this