Preparing your home for Christmas

It’s getting to that time of year, the most wonderful time of the year but the messiest and most cluttered time of the year too!

I absolutely love Christmas. I think it brings everyone closer and it’s a time to really unwind and spend quality time with one another. I have to admit I do love the presents too but one thing I struggle with year after year is where to put all the gifts once Christmas is done and dusted.

We have a large family and the amount of presents we give and receive is crazy! We received far too many gifts back when we were just a couple but now we have Noah I am literally in a panic over where everything is going to go come Boxing Day.

This year I've promised myself that I am going to be ready for it, bring it on! I'm going to have designated areas, plenty of storage and places for these presents to go. 
I want to be organised and I don’t want to be fretting about clutter and mess. 

Here are some top tips for preparing your home for Christmas-

Donate - I like to donate new or next to new goods every so often and Christmas is the perfect time to do so. Not only are you freeing up space for all the presents and gifts but you are also donating to a good cause and most charities need the extra help in the holidays.

Storage space - On thing my house is lacking is storage space and I've recently been looking at modern storage solutions for my home not just for Christmas but for all year round use. A big storage unit in the dining room could solve so many of my storage issues as bits and pieces could easily be stored inside. 

Tip trip - My biggest tip is have one big trip to the tip! I have gone through the house and thrown out everything I don't want or need. We have taken numerous trips to the tip over the past few weeks and it feels great to be a little more clutter free. I feel like we now have so much room for all the gifts we will receive.

Are you prepared for Christmas? Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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  1. I need to do this we don't have that much space and Blake's birthday is tomorrow.