Project 365 - Week 51 & 52

13th December - 26th December / Week 51 & 52

Sunday 13th December
We met up with family and decided to go on a Christmas trail at Towneley Park. Noah didn't understand much of what was happening but he did enjoy it so much! We found Santa at the end of the trail too which was fantastic! 

Monday 14th December
We had a super lazy Monday as we knew we had lots planned for the week. I just love this photo of Noah playing with his two favourite toys, Woody and Buzz! 

Tuesday 15th December
As we had such a lazy day on Monday we just had to get out and about on the Tuesday so we caught a taxi over to our local soft play centre. There wasn't many kids about so Noah had free run of everything really! He loves climbing, throwing himself about and jumping on the bouncy castle. I took my eyes off him for a moment and saw him really high up in the jungle gym! I had to dash up to get him which he found absolutely hilarious! 

Wednesday 16th December
My Mum came over to visit for the day on the Wednesday as it was her day off work. It makes Noah's day when he spends time with his Nanna and we had a great day, relaxing and playing about. 

Thursday 17th December
I found Judy chilling out on the fridge!

Friday 18th December
On Friday it was Noah's Christmas party at his playgroup. They had a children's entertainer on called Mr Dazzle who brought a long with him two bunnies which Noah adored. It was a bit much for Noah to have to sit on my knee for 45 mins to watch the entertainer as he naturally just wants to be running about playing so he soon got frustrated. We visited Santa at the end of the show and he got a little present and his photo taken. He seemed to be a bit out of sorts but I just thought it was down to him wanting to play but come evening I knew something wasn't right. He had a sky high temperature and was irritable and off his food. I then noticed some spots on his bottom and he seemed sensitive to light. I was in on my own as Nick was out on his Christmas party and I was in a panic as I had no one with me to reassure me or share their opinion. I managed to get Noah's temperature down but he was very restless and didn't want to sleep.

Saturday 19th December
When Noah woke the next morning we could see he wasn't well. He had a slight temperature, spots on his bottom and sores in his mouth. He couldn't eat, drink, have his dodo or talk much. It took a while but we realised it was hand, foot and mouth and I think he came into contact with it when I took him to the soft play centre earlier in the week. We ended up taking him to A&E as the calpol, neurofen, anbesol and bonjela just wasn't working at all and the sores in his mouth were excruciating. We waited in the waiting area for almost 3 hours, until 1am and it was just a waste of time. We knew they couldn't prescribe anything for it but we thought they maybe able to offer some advice as our son was in pain and there was nothing we could do about it but nada, waste of time.

Sunday 20th December
Noah didn't feel any better come Sunday, he probably felt worse. He had only eaten 2 mini milk ice creams the day before as his mouth hurt so much but Sunday he couldn't manage anything. He would hold our hand and take us into the kitchen and ask for food because he was hungry but he literally couldn't eat anything and he would cry in hunger. Anything that we offered that he probably could eat he just wouldn't try, it was so upsetting and frustrating. We just couldn't wait for him to be better and was so worried he would be ill for Christmas.

Monday 21st December
Noah slept in my bed on Sunday night as the previous night he was waking lots and needing lots of comfort and his medicine topping up. Thankfully he had a good night sleep and woke feeling a little better. He was still struggling to eat and drink but I saw a big improvement and I starting thinking he would feel better in time for Christmas!

Tuesday 22nd December
Noah had a really good nights sleep and woke up chirpy. I asked if he wanted breakfast and he said yes yes yes! He ended up eating 2 whole bananas, raisins, shredded wheat and white chocolate and I was so relieved! The illness was almost gone and he was finally able to eat again. It's so worrying when they are unable to eat or drink, especially when it's down to pain and they want to eat but can't. It felt amazing to see Noah back to his usual happy self and I literally let him eat anything he wanted all day as I was just so relieved to see him able to eat again after a few days of eating hardly anything. 

Wednesday 23rd December 
With Noah finally feeling better we were able to start enjoying the Christmas activities I had planned. On Weds we read, played games and made a gingerbread house. We then went out for a walk and Noah enjoyed splashing about in muddy puddles! 

Thursday 24th December
Christmas Eve! Noah was fully better and we had a lot planned for the day. The morning and afternoon we spent babysitting our nephew, we made a trip to the tip and then took the boys out for hot chocolate, which they loved! Noah sat there a good ten minutes dunking his gingerbread man into his hot chocolate! In the evening our Nan put on a Christmas Eve party and we all had a blast enjoying one another's company and great food! 

Friday 25th December
It's Christmas!!!! Noah didn't wake until 10am so we got showered and brought breakfast upstairs before taking him down to see the presents. Once we got downstairs and he noticed the presents he was straight in there! He's never really been interested in opening presents before but did do this Christmas! His favourite toy from us seemed to be Rex from Toy Story, when he opened it he roared! We spent the early afternoon opening presents and then my Mum, her partner and my brother came over to exchange more presents and stay for Christmas dinner. It was the first time Nick and I cooked a Christmas dinner and the first time I've cooked for so many people! It was a little stressful but we did it and it was delicious! After dinner we then headed off to Nick's families house to exchange more presents and to have a little Christmas party! I had quite a few glasses of wine and did get a little merry! All in all it was an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

Saturday 26th December 
We awoke to floods surrounding most of the Lancashire area which was a shock. Fortunately it hasn't affected us but we did worry about it and our family. We had our annual Boxing Day party at my Nanna's to get to and after attending every year of my life I really didn't want to miss it. After a few hours of wondering if we would be able to make it the flood warnings were lifted and we got there. It was a great evening and Noah had a blast playing with my younger brothers and pushing my Nanna around in her wheelchair! 

Sunday 27th December
Christmas is always such a busy time for us so we decided to have a lazy Sunday but we did venture out in the cold as Noah was asking to go to the park. Once you are there chasing a toddler about you soon warm up! 

Monday 28th December
I have to admit that Monday was a rather lazy day too. It involved a lot of shopping and wandering about. Nothing really exciting! 

Tuesday 29th December
On Tuesday we decided to drive over to Preston to take Noah to Toys R Us to spend his Christmas money. On the way we stopped for lunch which at the moment is always a little hard work with a toddler in toe. Once in Toys R Us he was running and wild and made a beeline for the Toy Story toys! He wanted another Buzz, ha ha. He didn't get one but we did buy him a little wooden easel, a booster seat for the table and some other bits and pieces. 

Wednesday 30th December
On Wednesday we nipped into town to buy some board games and to get mine and Noah's passport photo's taken. That's about it really!

Thursday 31st December 
New Years Eve! We decided to throw a little family party at our house this year. Noah's grandparents, great grandparents, uncle, auntie and cousin came. We enjoyed some nibbles and some wine and then the grandparents left so the rest of us ordered a takeaway. We did try to put Noah to bed around 9am but he wanted to stay up with his cousin and carry on partying so we let him. We all did the countdown together and then I gave Noah a big kiss when the clock struck midnight! Mwah!

Well, this is the end of Project 365 for 2015! I've decided to carry on next year but will be doing it a little differently! Happy New Year!


  1. Lots of great photos!


  2. Christmas can beso Exciting ! Noah's curls remind me of some of my cousins when they were young. They weren't blonde, brunette and had naturally curly hair.

    Rachel Craig

  3. Mini milks rule! I love them