My Bucket-List Travel Dreams

With our Spanish holiday lingering on the horizon and the terrible weather we’ve been experiencing, I’ve found myself suffering from a serious case of wanderlust recently. I’m so excited for when Noah gets a little older and we can take him to different places. One of the things that are so important to me as a mother is to fill his childhood with happy memories, but there are a few things of my own that I want to do too. Nick and I took a four-year break from travelling, so here are just a few things on my bucket list for the future…

See the Northern Lights
I think this one is probably on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Most people tend to think about staying in Iceland and taking a few days to go on a tour though. There are actually a lot more options for seeing the Northern Lights, as well as many more natural beauties to take in along the way. For one, I think Noah would love a trip to Alaska where we can go around the National Parks before heading out to see the Lights. Or we might be less adventurous and take a cruise around Scandinavia. I guess it will depend on how brave we’re feeling at the time!

Go skiing in the Swiss Alps
I want to try new things on my holidays, and as Noah grows older I want to give him a variety of experiences. I’ve always wanted to stay in a log cabin surrounded by snow-capped mountains, with nothing to worry about but putting more logs on an open fire. Grindelwald, Switzerland, in particular is one of the most picturesque resorts for this - a quaint little village, it looks like something straight out of a postcard. Fingers crossed I won’t have to wait too long to head over to the slopes.

Take a romantic break in Italy
Nick and I have never been hugely romantic - Valentine’s Day is just a another day to us most of the time. I’d like to make more time for us in future trips though, and the thought of a long weekend in an Italian stone cottage sounds like the perfect treat. Will we head for cosmopolitan Milan, or head out for the evening with a pair of Rome opera tickets in hand? We haven’t decided yet, but I’m sure it will be the romantic break we need.

Dance to the Cuban beat
Cuba looks to me like one of the most unusual cities on earth; stuck in a 1950s time warp, the colourful buildings, mis-matched architecture and retro cars look like such fun, and a great place for Noah to explore. Given that it’s the birthplace of some of the most exciting Latin American dancing, it would be rude not to join in! Fingers crossed I will remember to take some heels for the trip.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your own travels. Do you have any bucket list trips planned?


  1. Europe being on the top of my travel wish list.Its the same with me waiting for my daughter to grow up so the entire family can enjoy...,,

  2. Thanks gave me some great ideas
    Love to see the northern lights x