Project 365 - Week 6

7th February - 13th February

7th February 2016

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13th February 2016

We've had a funny old week this week this week but a good one none the less. Our week started off slowly and relaxed. On Sunday Nick and I had some toddler free time so we decided to do a three mile walk together which was nice. Monday and Tuesday was easy going for Noah and I until he managed to trap his middle finger in the bedding box! I panicked because his finger swelled and he wouldn't let me near it. We ended up going to A&E for an xray to make sure it wasn't broken, thankfully it wasn't. We then came home and had pancakes being pancake day! On Wednesday my Mum came over and we had a long walk to the park and then walked to town for shopping and coffee. It was such a lovely day as the sun was out and it was nice to be able to spend some time together, just the three of us. The rest of our week consisted of lots of walks, playtime, colouring which is the usual for us. On Friday Noah has his second accident where he was dancing in the kitchen and managed to walk head first into the unit, cue a massive lump on his head. Noah is so accident prone, it's unreal. Today we visited Noah's favourite place, the farm! A lovely family day out as ever. So there you have it our strange but lovely week.

How has your week been?


  1. You had a very eventful week
    My week has gone okay learning mindfulness comes in handy when I'm looking after different nephews and neices -no dramas here
    Seem to do lots of art and crafts because it's been so cold

  2. Gorgeous pics of your little man! Nice drawing

  3. Lots of lovely photos!


  4. So far a boring week! Half term is killing it here and there isn't as many pretty places to walk. So lucky to have townley on your doorstep :)