SeaWorld, Forest Holidays and Wellingtons #LittleLoves

Little Loves is a linky that I've always enjoyed taking part in but lately have struggled to find the time, but I'm back! Here is my first Little Loves of 2016.

Last week I read that SeaWorld had issued a "message for their fans" which can be seen here. SeaWorld have finally put at end to the cruel Orca breeding programme and the Orca's currently at SeaWorld will be the last ones. This of course is fantastic news because these beautiful creatures have been suffering for such a long time. It's sad that Tilikum is waiting to die but at least his death wont totally be in vain. 

I'm obsessed with binge watching TV shows and after finishing the cult classic Twin Peaks a few weeks ago I've struggled to find a new show that was binge worthy, that was until I found Deadwood. The show is a Western which is based on life in the 1870's in Deadwood, South Dakota and features many real life characters such as Wild Bill Hickok, Seth Bullock, Calamity Jane and Al Swearengen. I don't usually like shows that are based so heavily on real character or historic events but I'm hooked on this show. It's certainly worth a watch!

At the moment I'm loving Lush Life by Zara Larsson! It's going to be my anthem for the Summer I think and Noah and I love having a boogie to it. Here it is for your viewing pleasure!


This wasn't last week as we've been away but was the week before. Noah and I baked and decorated some lovely chocolate fairy cakes. They didn't last very long as Noah shared them out between his Grandparents. 

Wellington's! In fact the last few months I've worn my wellies more than my shoes or boots. We go on lots of family walks and with the weather being so hit and miss lately it's better to be safe that sorry. Last week we were having a break away at Forest Holidays so we made sure to pack our welly bobs!

And Lastly

I've recently been thinking about how little "me time" that I actually get. I'm lucky to have 30 minutes here and there so I'm on a mission at the moment to free up more time. When Noah is in bed in the evening I want to be able to indulge in some of my hobbies such as online gaming, reading and watching my TV shows. When we become parents we forget that we still need some leisure time to ourselves. This Friday once Noah is in bed I'm planning on doing all of the above and enjoying it to the fullest!

What have you been loving lately? #LittleLoves


  1. Im quite fond of Zara Larsson too xx

  2. I love that the three of you all have wellies! That's something we really need to invest in. Noah looks so cute baking too! x

  3. I am utterly relieved that SeaWorld are stopping their cruel ways when it comes to Orcas.

  4. Fabulous pictures
    Looks perfect for a fab family day out

  5. Fabulous pictures
    Looks perfect for a fab family day out