A night out with a difference

Leading on from my last year where I discussed 3 dates with a difference I thought I would put together a list of ideas of what I would love to do on my next night out on the town. The last time I had a real night out with the girls was such a long time ago now. In fact it was a few months before Noah was conceived, that's embarrassingly three years ago now! 

I think it's about time to dust off my heels, attempt to squeeze back into my favourite LBD and plan a special night out! 

Host a poker night
We could warm up for the night by playing Multilotto and a game of poker or two. I'm not the most competitive person out there and I don't gamble very often but there is something about the game which I really enjoy. It seems to bring out my competitive side and I certainly have a pretty awesome poker face too!

Rent a party bus.
I only recently came across these famous party buses. What would be more exciting than riding in a party bus while on route to your party destination. You can sip a glass of champers and have a little boogie. A great way to warm up for the night!

Be a VIP.

There are various nightclubs out there that now offer VIP packages for a fee. I would love to pool a bit of money together and book one of these illusive packages. Us ladies need to feel like VIP's once in a while!

So there you have it. I'm not big on nights out but if I was to do it again soon I would do it proper! A spot of poker, a party bus and a VIP package at my favourite nightclub. Sounds like a plan to me!
Do you have nights out often?
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  1. Wow would never of thought of these
    Hiring a bus sound great and so much fun

  2. Wow would never of thought of these
    Hiring a bus sound great and so much fun

  3. A party bus sounds lots of fun especially since we live miles away from bars and clubs. Generally I make do with a meal and drink at the local pub so these are fun ideas for someone stuck in a rut like myself.

  4. I love the idea of a party bus.

  5. This looks like a bucket load of fun.