Our Forest Holiday

Last year I was lucky enough to win a £500 Forest Holiday voucher over on twitter, right around the same time as Noah's second birthday which was just perfect timing. I decided we would book it for the following year so we had something to look forward to after all the Christmas festivities. 

We've just got back (2 weeks ago) from our 4 night stay at Sherwood Pines and I thought I would put together a little post all about it. A word of warning before I start, this post will be very photo heavy!

We arrived on the Monday at 4pm as the check in wasn't until the evening which I thought was a bit rubbish really, you basically lose a day right off the cuff. When we pulled up to our lodge after checking it we were both blown away, we really were in the forest and there wasn't much for miles around, just the odd lodge here and there.

With it being such a late check in it was dark by the time we had settled into the lodge but we didn't mind because the lodge itself was absolutely gorgeous. It was nice to just sit down, unpack, unwind and take a dip in the hot tub! 

On our first full day we decided to stay on site and explore. Noah wasn't very well, smothered in a cold so wanted lots of cuddles of his Mummy so we thought it was another good reason to stay on site. We went for a long walk through the woods until we found a little cafe, park and shop. Everything is so remote so this was literally the only place to visit which is great if you want a truly relaxing break away. 

On the second day Noah was feeling a tiny little bit better so we decided to venture off site and go somewhere we really wanted to visit, the Sherwood Forest! Nick had already visited when he was a child and had fond memories of the place so I was so excited! We took a long walk through Sherwood Forest and visited the Major Oak tree where Robin Hood and his Merry Men allegedly used to hide out. After that we stopped in the cafe and had a pot of tea and the nicest chocolate muffin I've ever had. To end our visit we took a tour of the Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre and gift shop. It was such a lovely day out and I'd recommend it to anyone who is visiting nearby. 

On the last full day we woke to warm weather and a fully recovered Noah which was perfect as we had planned a day out to White Post Farm. We often visit farms as it's one of favourite ways to spend a day, we love being outdoors and we love animals so all three of us always enjoy it. White Post Farm was great, there was an array of different farm animals and reptiles too! All the animals looked well cared for and content too which is always a relief when visiting a farm. Highlights of the day was feeding mountain goat's via a pulley belt, seeing Noah cuddle a sheep on his own accord and when Nick was chewed by a goat! 

We spent the last evening before heading home in the hot tub, then we ordered an onsite takeaway and watched a family movie together. The perfect way to end a busy few days!

Highlights of our stay:

The long walks, a favourite thing for the three of us to do together. It's a great way to get fit but to also enjoy the scenery, turn off your phone and have some quality family time with one another. 

Relaxing in the hot tub in the evenings with a glass of wine! Noah even took a few dips in too and loved splashing about in there.

Curling up on the sofa together at night with a hot chocolate and watching a film. We watched Inside Out one night and The Boy Next Door one night when Noah was sleeping.

The days out! I'm so glad we packed so much into our short stay! I've got such fond memories now of both Sherwood Forest and White Post Farm.

Thrashing Nick at scrabble!

Nick getting chewed by a goat and stinking of goat breath for days on end!

Being away from everything and being nestled in the gorgeous surroundings of the forest.

Feeding the squirrels in the morning. Noah was out there in his PJ's on the first morning sharing his breakfast with them.

The underfloor heating in the lodge! For someone who is cold all the time this was a dream, I so need it in my house! 

We would love to go back one day, perhaps next time in the hight of summer when all the tree's are in bloom. Thought I'd end the post with this photo, a new favourite of mine.

Have you got any holidays booked this year? 


  1. It looks like such a break away from reality! Love the hot tub and the forest looks lovely x

  2. Sounds and looks fantastic, love the pictures, congratulations on your win xc

  3. This looks like a fun and memorable break away. We are currently on holiday in Derbyshire and have not booked anything for the summer yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This looks lovely. We go to Haven 2-3 times a year it's so good for children

  5. This looks perfect if you love the quiet and long walks.

  6. What gorgeous photos!

  7. We have been looking at Forest holidays, but had no idea what they were like. This looks amazing, I love how secluded it seems, I bet it was so peaceful. I so want to book to go after reading this xx

  8. Ohh you were so close to where I live! Looks like you had a good time! x

  9. Annie Costa @LaaMoii6 April 2016 at 12:57

    Hahahaha love the naughty goat coat pic!

  10. My friend has just been here and she said it was amazing
    Think I'll have to check it out myself