10 Things I'm Loving Lately

1. Toddlerhood -
Every milestone and stage your child reaches is a delight and of course has it's trials and tribulations too but I'm really loving the age Noah is at right now. He's two and a half in just over two weeks and he's such a character and is so funny too. His speech is getting there, he's learning something every day, he knows most his colours, is potty training like a champ and loves to sing and dance. I cannot believe he's almost two and a half, I really can't.

2. The Sun - 
Okay so we've not had much of it but the sun that we have had so far this year we've loved. Every moment that elusive sun pops through the clouds Noah and I are outside in the garden, sun cream, and sun hats on, splashing about in the water table. I really hope we will get some more sun soon so we can dig out the paddling pool and have little BBQ's.

3. Slimming World -

I joined Slimming World for the third time back in January and as they say, third times a charm! I've felt so different about it this time around and have felt so motivated. I've stuck at it, worked hard and so far I've lost 26lb! I still have another stone to lose and then I'm back to target and my target weight is actually lower than before I was pregnant. It will be quite an achievement once I get there! Also may I add that big burger above it's Slimming World friendly!

4. Galaxy Quick Reads -
I was recently sent two books to read from the newest Galaxy Quick Reads collection. Those books were A Baby at the Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond and Anniversary by Veronica Henry. I've always been a big reader but ever since becoming a Mum I have struggled t find the time for it. This is what makes Galaxy Quick Reads ideal for me as each book is around 100 pages long and enables me to get in a quick fix when I do have the time. The books cost just £1 each too!

Grey's Anatomy - 
Can you believe that I had never watched Grey's before? One of my all time guilty pleasures is American TV and there's nothing like curling up on the sofa in the evening with a hot chocolate and binge watching some good TV. I only started Grey's Anatomy a few weeks ago and I'm already on season 6! I'm well and truly addicted!

Beanies Coffee -
Coffee, like the American TV shows, is another indulgence of mine and I had wanted to try Beanies Coffee for a long time. I was recently sent the My Beanies Stash Box to try out and I literally couldn't wait to get inside that box. 9 different flavoured coffees awaited my consumption and I didn't know which flavour to go for first. I've tried a few flavours so far and my favourites have got to be Double Chocolate and Nutty Hazelnut. You can buy the stash box on the website for £22.50 with free delivery. 

7. Star Wars -

Okay, so this is more what Noah has been loving lately. I think he's the world's youngest Star Wars fan as he asks to watch it all the time! Star Wars: Episode V11 - The Force Awakens is now available on DVD and the first teaser trailer for the spin-off movie Rouge One has just been released.

8. Potty Training -
You must think I've gone mad saying that I love potty training, but I haven't gone mad, I promise. Noah turns two and a half in a week's time and has been doing so well with potty training. I recently wrote about our potty training and shared a few tips which I hope can help anyone who is currently struggling out there or are about to start their potty training journey.

9. Me time -
Now I don't get this very often but recently I've made more of an effort to make sure I get a little bit of time to myself every week. Whether it's sitting down and binge-watching Grey's Anatomy or painting my nails with my new OPI mini set, it's been great to have a little bit of me-time now and again.

10. Working out -
Okay who am I and what have you done with Jenna? This is a bit of a revelation to me but lately I've loved exercising and working out. As well as joining Slimming World this year I've also been working on my fitness and I love it. I can see a difference not only in my body but it also makes me feel better in myself once I've done a work out. I'm often found on my exercise bike, walking, doing step, yoga or Zumba! The new and improved me! 

What have you been loving lately?

- This post contains PR samples & a PR collaboration however all opinions are my own. 


  1. I'm loving star wars today xx plus thinking of trying slimming world too x

  2. Lots to love on here
    I'm loving them too x

  3. Lots to love on here
    I'm loving them too x

  4. I need to find this love of potty training you speak of! Lol. It is amazing seeing them learn and progress though :)

  5. H is starting potty training - I cant say we are enjoying the extra washingpiles to be honest or the wet patches!

  6. Wow what an achievement with Slimming world I am contemplating joining again as the sun is now shining and I am looking in my wardrobe thinking ...hmmmm. Loved reading all the things your loving :)

  7. Managed to get hold of Veronica Henry s book -it's great reading -got the sunshine here to