Celebrate your baby’s Champion Moves!

Moving like a champion takes a lot of practice, a lot of work, a lot of time and most importantly a kit that helps you achieve your best performance. Studies have shown that babies move around so much during the day that they can take as many steps as a marathon runner, in just 24 hours! Just like the greatest athletes in the world babies also need a durable kit aka a durable nappy. A nappy which offers both comport and protection, one that enables them to move freely and without restriction and that can be found with Pampers. 

Pampers are the only nappies with NEW revolutionary Magical Pods! They are absorbing channels that help to evenly distribute wetness and provide a sag free fit and superior dryness so babies are able to show off their champion moves!

This is why Pampers are currently teaming up with their very own sporting hero, Jessica Ennis-Hill to launch the Pampers Little Champions Campaign which aims to shine a light on the next generation of little athletes and encouraging parents to celebrate their own little champions too! See the video campaign here.

Jessica is an athlete at the top of her game so she knows how important it is to have the best kit to help her perform. Likewise, she knows how important it is for her baby to also have the freedom to move in comfort. Jessica says: 

‘As a mum I love being active with Reggie – we have so much fun together and I know that it’s great for his development – that’s why I’ve teamed up with Pampers to encourage mums to celebrate their little one’s champion moves! Our babies are the future generation of medal winning athletes after all…’

For Noah and I Pampers have always been the best because I feel they understand that being able to move freely and in comfort is beneficial towards babies’ development. 

Pampers Love, Sleep & Play expert, Dr. Ellie Cannon explains how research shows that an opportunity to move is an opportunity for movement development to happen:

‘Feeling physically free and uninhibited whilst being supported and safe is an important part of a baby’s exploration of the world and physical development. Babies don’t need instructions to learn - they learn through self-discovery and encouragement from those around them. That encouragement comes in all forms: not just a clap from mum and dad, but also being unrestricted in their clothes and nappy. Freedom to move without restriction is a key aspect of your baby’s development environment’.

With this in mind, it’s not surprising that freedom of movement is freedom for your little one to reach their potential!
- In collaboration with Pampers.


  1. Sounds great for helping your child to learn and grow healthily

  2. Good nappies are so incredibly important! Great campaign.