Our Bedroom Renovation

It's been a long time coming, two years to be precise since we started the renovation on our house. The bedroom in particular was one of those rooms which needed a full face lift and you can read about the first stages of the bedroom renovation here.

Just like the rest of the work we did on the house it took a lot of time, money and hard work. At one point we had every room in the house on the go at the same time and it felt like we weren't getting anywhere fast.

Hands down my favourite room to design has to be the bedroom because from day one I could visualise exactly what I wanted. Having full control of design can be a little scary but if you know what you want then it's really a piece of cake, it just requires a lot of planning and preparation.

With the bedroom I knew I wanted a chic and mellow theme as I'm not a fan of bold colours in a bedroom as I don't find them relaxing at all. With my idea I chose to paint the walls Mellow Mocha from Dulux which is a subtle and clean colour and I chose a silver grey carpet which really compliments the colour of the walls.

Once we'd fully decorated the room it was time to furnish and thankfully we had the majority of what we needed from our previous property which we rented but what we didn't have and needed was wardrobes and storage space. We decided to opt for made-to-measure fitted wardrobes as we already had a bespoke walk in wardrobe adjoined to Noah's room. We now have them running across the whole of the back wall and the amount of storage space they've given us is incredible.

This weekend we ticked the bedroom off our renovation list when we finally bought a headboard. This may sound silly but it was the last thing we needed to buy and it's just completed the room. It's such a relief to finally say that the bedroom is now complete and we couldn't be happier with the finished result!  

Have you ever thought of investing in fitted or walk in wardrobes? 

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  1. Fitted wardrobes are so handy to have. Luckily every room in our house came with one.

  2. Just brought some ikea wardrobes. Absolutely stunning! Can not reccommend enough. You have the built in feature as well as the flexibility of re-arranging them and moving them!

  3. Ive got a walk in wardrobe,and i love it x

  4. Glad you finally finished
    I have fitted wardrobes but dream of walk in wardrobes but I'd have to move house first x