Project 365 - Week 22

29th May - 4th June








We've had a very easy going week this week whilst getting used to being back home. We had a long weekend with it being a bank holiday and on Sunday we went to Geronimo Festival which I was a blogger ambassador for. It was a great day out but we found it to be a lot busier than the previous year and with a toddler, the heat and the long queues we didn't stay as long as planned. Once we'd had our fill of the festival we drove over to Noah's Grandparents and had a spontaneous family get together, everyone turned up and it was lovely. On Monday I joined a Slimming World class with my Mother in Law (to be) for the first time. I've already lost two stone doing SW at home but as my MIL wanted to start it I agreed to go to class with her and I'm so wishing I had done it to begin with really. My Mum visited during the week too which you can see by one of the photo's of Noah and her having a cheeky snooze! The rest of the week went by in a blur really! It was spent outdoors, in the garden, at the park, shopping and visiting family. A bit of the norm really, but can't beat it! 

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Lots of gardening and a few barbecues first Communion today

  2. I know the whole year is passing by in a blur.Us grandparents are like toddlers, need our afternoon naps!!
    Festivals and toddlers make for hard work.

  3. Aw looks like you've had a lovely week. Good luck at SW! x