A Dining Room Overhaul

If you read my blog regularly you will know that a couple of years ago we were fortunate enough to buy our first home. Interiors are one of my favourite topics to discuss or write about so here I go again! I'd happily speak to someone about paint swatches or grout colours over manicures and handbags any day of the week.

The house we bought was a lost cause to many people at first glance but upon viewing it both my partner and I could see past the avocado bathroom suite or the fact that it had no central heating because we could see it's potential and it just felt like home.

Once we got the keys to the house it was time to get stuck in because we had a very long journey ahead of us, it needed so much work. I didn't mind this because not only did it mean we bought a house at a bargain of a price but it also meant that we were able to have every room exactly how we envisioned it. We completed our renovations a few months back but one room I'm not entirely happy with has to be the dining room. I don't know if it's the fact that we don't use it or that it's just a bit boring or maybe it's both.

With this in mind, I recently decided this needed a change and I thought one way to change my opinion on the room would be to deck it out with total new furniture and decor as ours is all currently all mismatched and leaves a bit more to be desired. I was recently browsing online at BoConcept Glasgow and I was so inspired by their wide range of modern and eclectic pieces that I just had to share a few of my favourites.

I think this modern bookcase would make a gorgeous focal point to any room! Not only is it pleasing on the eye but look at all the storage space it provides too! It ticks both boxes for me, aesthetically pleasing and functional too!

Next up we have this super suave modern armchair which I'm head over heels in love with. I can imagine myself curling up in it with a hot cup of tea and a good book. It doesn't just look chic and stylish but it also looks so comfortable too. 

One of the issues we have with our dining room is that with it being at the back of the house it doesn't get much light so we have to make the most of artificial lighting. We have quiet a few lamps in there at the moment but we are yet to get a main floor lamp like this one. It would match my theme and colour scheme to a tee and would also add a touch of sophistication to the room. 

Last but certainly not least we have this modern and contemporary side table. Now this is something that I wouldn't usually go for but I need to take a step out of my comfort zone and go for something a little bit more exciting and I think this piece really is just that!

Do you have a room in your house that leaves you a little uninspired? Or let me know which out of these pieces is your favourite! 

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  1. They have some gorgeous things!! X

  2. Great ideas
    Love the easy chair

  3. Love the chair and the whole minimalist look

  4. Love the chair and the whole minimalist look

  5. We have a Dining area rather than a Dining room. Could do with new tablecloth etc.It is sociable to sit at the Dining table for a meal eaten together. Also likely to be better for the digestion, rather than eating "on the run".

    Rachel Craig