A Spontaneous Picnic with Higgidy #higgidypicnic

Sussex based pie and quiche maker Higgidy are currently celebrating the season of spontaneous picnics, come rain or shine! They are celebrating the pop up picnics under the kitchen table, secret picnic parties in the garden shed and unplanned picnics in random car parks and the quick run to the local park as soon as the sun comes out. To mark the occasion Higgidy have teamed up with British lifestyle brand Joules in a special on pack promotion throughout Summer where hundreds of Joules picnic goodies can be won. So if you pick up a pack and notice the Joules sticker, make sure to enter because you've gotta be in it to win it!

To celebrate the fun collaboration I was recently asked if I would like to take part in a blogger challenge. The aim of the challenge was to create a picnic spread wherever and whenever the moment takes me. We are always having family picnics and of course already loved Higgidy pies so it sounded like the perfect opportunity for us. 

A few days after I agreed to take part a huge hamper of Higgidy products arrived. Ham hock and petit pots quiche, peperonata and feta cheese quiche and feta and red pepper veggie rolls. It all looked so delicious and we couldn't wait to get stuck in. In fact I think we sampled a couple before we even had our picnic, they were far too tempting! 

Here in Lancashire we've not had the best weather lately so I decided to wait until the sun made an appearance before we went out and had our picnic. A couple of days passed and I thought you know what, rain or shine we are going to have our picnic today! 

So that's exactly what we did. I packed all our Higgidy quiches and veggie rolls, prepared all our favourite accompaniments and headed to one of our favourite places, Towneley Park. Once we got there the rain had just stopped so the grass was still dewy and the picnic bench was still damp but the place was deserted so we had the whole place to ourselves! 

It was great to get out in the fresh air and enjoy our #higgidypicnic dinner! The quiches are out of this world and it's no surprise we got through the lot of them in such a short amount of time, they are divine. After we had our fill of the picnic I packed up and we spent a good hour playing on the park, playing tag and picking buttercups. When we got home that evening all Noah could talk about was the picnic in the park, it must have been a success! 

Have you tried Higgidy pies and quiche before? What do you think of them? 

- In collaboration with Higgidy.


  1. I have tried them and they are really tasty
    Looks like you had loads of fun on your picnic

  2. I Love there pies! Best ive ever had! Always crave them! Looks like a great picnic :D

  3. I noticed these pies in Sainsbury's only last week - one for the shopping list !

  4. lovely picnic! the pies look lovely too!

  5. We do love Higgidy pies and quiche, but it's very difficult to buy them up North!

  6. I love Higgidy, the pies are so filling and the flavours are great too. I havent tried the quiches but they look amazing