A walk in the park

Yesterday was one of those days were I felt sheer and utter contentment and I just had to write all about it. Back when my maternity leave ended almost two years ago I was faced with a big dilemma which you can read all about here and in the end chose to not return back to work. I can safely say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made and there hasn't been a fraction of a second where I've regretted it. Perhaps if it was a job in which I enjoyed or a job in which I was valued but it wasn't.

Being a stay at home mum can sometimes be harder than going to a full time job because there are no breaks, especially when they drop a nap. You also get zero adult conversation so sometimes I miss that but I wouldn't trade my position for the world. By staying at home with Noah I've seen every milestone, heard every new word, wiped every snotty nose and kissed every grazed knee. I wouldn't of had it any other way. 

As I said in my opening paragraph yesterday was one of those days were I appreciated every moment. The sun was shining and after lunch we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Towneley Park. This is just a 15 minute walk from our house and surrounded my dense woods, ponds, parks, cafe's and even has it's own museum and art gallery.

Once we got there our first stop was to the park, Noah's favourite place. He hogged the swings for a little while before heading over to the giant sand pit where he ended up falling bum first into a moat of water some children had built. So he had a sandy and wet bum for the rest of the day but he didn't seem to mind! We then walked up to the cafe where Noah enjoyed an ice cream and I drank a diet coke in the sun. He then decided to show off in front of everyone there and ended up making friends with half a dozen old ladies. 

We then headed for Towneley Hall which is the heart of Burnley. It's a beautiful historical building which has now been converted into a museum and art gallery. We've been bringing Noah here ever since he was born but he's recently started to really appreciate it and is eager to learn and explore. His favourite things to view are the Egyptian Mummies, the puzzles and the animal and wildlife room. I like the art gallery on the top floor where there's a painting of the behind of a greek god and Noah shouted "Daddy's bum!" on the top of his voice! Toddlers are a laugh a minute aren't they?

We spent a good hour walking around the huge building, up and down many flights of stairs, even took a few rides in the lift. It was lovely to have that one on one time with no distractions. I'm already thinking of taking him back at the weekend because he seems to enjoy it so much!

By the time we had our fill of the hall we had an hour to burn before Nick met us after he finished work so we took to the fields. Like all toddlers Noah loves running round and burning off some steam and at one point he was running so fast that his pants and undies fell down and he just  stood there laughing his head off. Thankfully there wasn't anyone around to witness that part, ha ha.

Once Nick arrived we spent another half an hour running about and playing catch before we headed home for the night. We had such a great day and I can't wait to repeat it again soon.

Have you had a day lately where you get in bed at night and think "today was a good day!?" I'd love to hear about it! 


  1. I Love Townley. I have childhood memories of being taken around the hall to :) Good memories and Im sure noah will be looking back to those memories one day to :D

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful day

    Kirsty Fox

  3. lovely photos.looks like you had a great day x

  4. Looks lovely have to visit soon

  5. i love days like these,people dont get it when you say what youve done and had the best fun even if its that special walk,that hour doing something different,i value each and every one of these days and i always look so forward to the next adventure.enjoy these days jenna cos they grow up so quickly and they become distant memories that you always wish you had back.xxxxxxx