Garden Party Hosting Hacks: Lighting Tips

Being a host in any situation can be very daunting – but fear not. Lighting is a shortcut to looking like you’ve put a lot of effort in. This post takes a look at how outdoor lighting can be your best friend for a quick and easy way to get any outdoor space looking like it’s fresh from a Pinterest board – minimal effort required. These tips are ideal for all sorts of garden-held events like birthdays, barbecues, or a summer soiree with family or friends.

Festoon Fun
First up, festoons really are your friends. A string of lights draped around the edges of your garden fences, or overhead of you got hanging space, work wonders to transform a dull yard into an inviting and glowing party space. Here are some fail safe festoon lighting positioning ideas:
* Drape string lights around doorways.
* Use tall garden furniture like archways, pergolas, trellises and even any trees you might have to hang outdoor lights.
* Use larger heavy duty outdoor lamps to light up walkways and paths overhead

Festive Decoration
Festoon lights are great for their simplicity. They also give a sense of the ‘village fete’ or fairground atmosphere that can work really well if you have a similar theme for your party. If you want to mix it up a little, you can make DIY shades or get fun shades from places like Cox & Cox online. Why not partner your festoons with some bunting or lone hanging lanterns for an extra summery feel?

Table Lighting on the Cheap
Now, if you’re centring your party around food or drink, you’ve got to think about your table presentation and evening mood lighting. If you’re organising a kid’s party, candles aren’t the best idea if they’re unattended by an adult, but for night time grownups only they are a fantastic choice.
* Buy tea lights for cheap in bulk from almost any supermarket 
* Invest in some tea light holders or recycle some clean glass jars for a homemade feel.

Set the Mood with Candlelight
Candles are great to kindle the mood with the gentle flicker of the flame; you never know; you could be kindling something more. Candlelight looks glorious on summer evenings and makes for a truly festive and charming atmosphere. Make sure you don’t overdo it; less can be more in some cases, so don’t overload your home with the bright stuff – you’ll want to keep a sense of night time mystery rather than copy that neighbour who goes a little over the top at Christmas time. There’s always one.

Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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  1. Great tips
    My tip is to have citronella scents around to prevent flies and bites
    Candles are great but not with children running around
    Can put them on hanging jam jars
    They look really quote nice

  2. I love outdoor lights, I have some star ones and they look so pretty