Project 365 - Week 28

10th July - 16th July








I'd like to say that we've had a really good week this week but that would be lying. Last week I mentioned that Noah wasn't feeling well towards the end of the week and that I hoped he would feel better in the morning but he didn't. He had a temperature, was lethargic, had a sore belly, was out of sorts and I thought oh no, this seems like hand foot and mouth again. I was right cause the next day the spots started to appear on his hands and then he got more and more, he was covered. The first time he had HFM he had them only in his mouth and none on his skin. This was horrific cause he couldn't eat or drink anything for three days and I ended up having to syringe milk down his throat to get something into him. This time around he hardly had any in his mouth as they were all over his skin instead. I don't know which time was worse really because although Noah could eat a little this time the sores and blisters were itchy and painful for him and he wasn't able to sleep for a couple of nights. Thankfully a combination of antihistamine, neurofen and calamine helped him somewhat. With him having HFM again we've spent all week indoors with the odd hour in the garden here and there, it's so contagious and I would hate for any other child to catch it from him. Better safe than sorry. Now we are coming to the end of the week most of his spots and blisters are healing now and he's totally back to his cheeky self. Lets hope he's fully on the mend, we are overdue a great week! 

What have you been up to this week? 


  1. Oh bless him, hope he's feeling better soon. Not something we've experienced here xx #366

  2. Glad you had a great week
    Back of holidays and trying to sort all the washing !

  3. hope he is feeling better, that huge mug of tea looks much-needed!

  4. oh dear, not good, hope it stays away this time. Does it live on toys and things?
    Minky loves his jigsaws as well.
    Hope you enjoyed your Starbucks.